29 June 2020

Why Is Great Online Customer Service So Important? | Aaron Henriques

There’s a lot of information out there on how to provide good customer service. But there’s not quite as much on why it’s important to give good customer service. Anyone serious about running a successful business needs to understand its importance – and not just the obvious reasons. So, what is it about great service that’s so important for business?


Poor customer service creates poor publicity

Over a third of consumers have admitted to turning to social media to complain about a brand. As such, poor customer service will likely be vocalised on the internet for all to see. Your customers have a huge input over your brand’s entire image, so you want to make sure they have only positive things to say! 


Customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention

It costs, on average, five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. This should tell you that customer retention is highly important and, therefore, you would be wise to provide excellent customer service. It’s costly to find new business, so don’t risk losing your existing customers!


Excellent customer service helps you stand out

Some companies will go above and beyond for their customers, such as Morton’s Steakhouse who famously sent a porterhouse to a customer at the airport, after he jokingly asked them to on Twitter. Giants like Amazon and Apple are renowned for their excellent service, and it’s probably no coincidence that they’re multi-billion companies as a result.


Good customer service can increase your sales

70% of consumers say that they’ve spent more money to do business with a company who offers great customer service. And, when it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people feel that customer service is more important than price. This can only mean one thing: good customer service directly impacts your sales.


Your customers are the life-force of your business

Without customers, there is no business. As entrepreneur Sam Walton once said: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Customers will always be the most important aspect of your business – so treat them well.


Thank you for reading! Why is great customer service important in your opinion?

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