22 July 2021

Why You Should Delete 40% Of Your Instagram Followers To Grow Your Engagement

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Today I talk about why I took the decision to DELETE 40% of my Instagram followers in just one day to help my own personal brand and online business success. This strategy is what led to me removing 467 of the Instagram accounts following me on my Instagram business account used to promote my brand, share my life journey and promote my online coaching business! 


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Podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques: [00:00:00] A real quick, to tell you why I deleted  40% of my Instagram audience just yesterday and why you should probably be doing the same too. [00:00:08] I'm Aaron Henriques an online startup coach and I'm here just to talk to you about why I felt the need to get rid of a ton of my Instagram followers. Now I don't have a ton of Instagram followers just to start with. But yesterday I actually went through 1,187 of them and deleted 467 people who are actually following me. [00:00:33] Now, the reason why I did that is because I've been looking at my stats recently and noticed that when you look at the amount of followers that you have compared to the amount of people interacting with you, you start to see a trend where, where you start having more people, they might be bots, some might be accounts that maybe they were following you years ago, but now they've not been using them anymore. Stuff like that, those accounts are not interacting with you. Okay? Or are you getting people that do the follow on follow thing, and then they forget to unfollow. That's the problem? So they've got like 7,000 people that following and they can't be bothered to do the unfollow bit. [00:01:06]Anyone with thousands of followers where they've not posted for ages where they don't have a profile photo, where there's a lot of like crypto people and stuff like that. All of them, people just got rid of. And it took me a good couple of hours, but yes, the vanity metrics has gone. [00:01:23] So I went down from 1,187. I think it was that number down to 720.  It took me a couple of hours to do, but does it really matter? Yeah. Okay. So yeah, we all like to have over, you know, over 1,000, hit that thousand mark or at 10,000 mark or whatever, but if they're not interacting people, if they're not real people, what's the point of having them there? [00:01:44] So that was the reason why I did it. And that came about as a result of conversation that I had with someone on an Instagram live on my second Instagram live, actually. And that was really around. Why do we actually try to get as many people as possible? And some people literally pay, literally pay for fake followers. [00:02:04] It's just no point they're not going to, ultimately they're not going to be buying from me. And that's essentially what you want to do. You know, if you, if you're running your Instagram profile for business purposes you want to show yourself as you know, an authority figures. They can relate to, so they know like, and trust sort of think about it, but what you don't want to be doing is just having tons and tons of people, you know, we've all been seen as accounts, but they've got like 10,000 followers and they put up a post and they get three people like it. [00:02:30] And you're like, oh, okay. That's a bit weird. Isn't it? Okay. So there's no point doing that. I'd rather have much more engaged people. Now I'm going to test this theory and I will come back and I'll do another post. I'll do another episode on it just to follow up, but I've got a theory that. The ratio of people who are interacting with your posts and your stories versus your other people following you. [00:02:50]It's probably going to show Instagram that your content is more useful for their audience and show it to more people. If you're using hashtags and stuff like that, it's just a theory at the moment, but it kind of makes sense if you think about it, that, of course, if you've got 40% of your audience interacting with you, regularly, [00:03:09]if you've got 50% of your audience interacts with you regularly, it's a lot better than 5% of your audience interacting with you regularly. So it wouldn't take it. Wouldn't be too difficult for you to sort of think, well, yeah, this post, this person is more interesting. Right? And if you've got thousands of people who are not even real accounts, they're not live or whatever following you, then they're not going to interact with you. [00:03:32] Your ratio is going to look really low Your interaction ratio is gonna look really low and probably you're not gonna show up as much. So that's the theory. It may not, may not work. I may have just deleted lots of people, but it doesn't matter. Like I said for me, they're never gonna buy from me. [00:03:46] They're not interestedin what I'm doing, so they may as well not be there. And that's something I do. So I've always kept some type of people I'm following, you know, I'm not interested in them. I just get rid of them because I only follow it just over 300 people and I can't keep track of everyone's stuff. I don't know how people who are following thousands, thousands of people can possibly be looking at what other people are doing. [00:04:07] That they're, they're interested in their stories and stuff like that. It's just impossible. So, well, I think it's impossible. So yeah, what I'd like to do is like really invite you to actually  get in contact with me on Instagram. It's @AaronHenray that's AaronHenray. And tell me , if you've had any experience in doing that yourself, and if you've seen the change, perhaps in  the way that people interact with your profile, about the way that people outside of your current audience. [00:04:31]Get into your audience or that you're being shown more for hashtags or have you done it before? I actually nothing's changed? Can contact me, @AaronHenray on Instagram. It's @AaronHenray, normal spelling... . And yeah, until next time this one is really short one, but I forgot to share it because I guess not lots of people do that. [00:04:45] More people are more interested in growing their audience rather than cutting it out. If you're getting to know me by now, you probably see that I kind of do things backwards sometimes. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't, but Hey, that's me. Anyway, until next time I've been Aaron Henriques and take care.  


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