20 July 2022

Why One Brit Has Come To The Land Of Opportunity #USA

Having a network of successful entrepreneurs and being in the right place to take opportunities is exactly why Aaron Henriques has travelled 5000 miles from the UK to visit Los Angeles in the United States of America. Hear exactly what he hopes to accomplish from travelling to the USA.



01:00 – Why Entrepreneurs Are Visiting The USA Right Now

01:12 – The USA Is The Best Place For Entrepreneurs To Be Successful

01:30 – USA vs UK: Which Country is Better for Entrepreneurs?

02:25 – How the UK was Not actually Paved with Gold

02:50 – The Land of Opportunity – Is the USA Really the Land of Success?

03:00 – USA Visa and Global Entry Program to help Entrepreneurs

04:11 – After Covid: How to get back in the game

04:30 – Why is it Important to surround yourself with progressive entrepreneurs?

05:17 – How to Find Business Opportunities and Get Rich

05:26 – Why a Job Will Never Help You Achieve Big Goals

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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

OA033 - Transcription  [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: So I finally reached the USA after two weeks in Mexico, and I'm going to be in LA for five weeks to see what opportunities there are in this land of opportunity in the USA. So that's what I'm going to cover today. [00:00:24] So people visit the USA for so many different reasons. And by the way, if you hear plane noises, I'm currently in a hotel. Right, right. Opposite. Las Vegas, Las Vegas, LA international Los Angeles international airport. And so it may get a bit noisy, but as we know, people visit USA for so many reasons, it could be business, it could be, seeking out opportunities. [00:01:06] It could be just to go and see the statue of Liberty, whatever. Now. I've heard of, and I know of the USA as being like a really super progressive nation. It produces some of the top entrepreneurs and has some of the fastest growing companies anywhere in the world. So it's a land where growth and making lots of money and success is really celebrated. [00:01:30] Unlike in the UK where I'm from, where it sort of kept quiet because people don't like to talk about their success too much, because I don't know, people get upset about it and it seemed like you're showing off and all this stuff. So I wanna be around more progressive people, more people who celebrate success. [00:01:47] You want to go out there and get, amazing things, get great things and be able to. talk about the fact they've got these great things and not have to worry about people talking crap behind their back, or, more overtly and making them feel bad for the fact that they've done well, that's why I'm here. [00:02:05] So that's the perception I get of the USA. And then whether that's true or not, that's what I'm here for. I've got five weeks to tell. So my reasons are obviously, as you can tell are less about seeing the statue of Liberty and more about expanding my sort of global network, making connections on yeah. [00:02:25] On a global level meeting entrepreneurs from all around the world in LA. That's why I'm spending five weeks here. So I wanna also want to see what the general culture is of the USA, because I may have got it wrong. You. I've I think there are people who hear about the British culture and, they think that literally the pavements are paved in gold and all that stuff, and it's not true at all. [00:02:50] So I wanna see what it's really like here. And I think I wanted to spend a fair bit of time, not just like a week or two, where I have to cram everything into a really short period of time. I wanna spend a bit of time here. So, that's because there's potential that for the future, if it was something that I wanted to do where I wanted to look at, entrepreneurship in the USA, if it's partnerships, if it's investing anything like that, I can look at that in the future and I can apply for the necessary visas to be able to get those and I'll cover the visa stuff and a global entry program, in fact, in another video. [00:03:25] But when it comes to. The USA. I have no real plans here. I have no real plans. I'm just taking each day as it comes and seeing where the next day takes me, who I meet, where I end up. I'm not really making any plans. I'm booking Airbnbs and hotels a few days at a time, rather than like one big stretch in one place, because I don't wanna be stuck somewhere. [00:03:50] I wanna be able to have that freedom to move around and on a network. Find some really amazing entrepreneurs and investors and partners, people who I can just connect with who are like buzzing and, going out there looking for opportunity and looking for success. So that's why I'm here. [00:04:11] And during COVID everything went flat. So I needed to regenerate. I needed to get some ideas flowing. I needed to get the creativity going again and really get in there. And. actually do something about it. Not just sit at home thinking, oh, I'll just read it. I'll listen to an audio book and then I'll get it. [00:04:30] No, I want to get out there and see be around the people who are actually, progressive who are actually doing stuff. And. Necessarily in the UK, because it's really tough, to, I dunno, I just found it really tough in, in the UK to really progress and seek out, opportunities and stuff like that, where you have people who are really actually going for it. [00:04:52] So I wanna get energized, get my creativity going and be around those progressive people and just generate ideas to make a ton of money. When I return to the UK, I want to go back with ideas. yeah, whether it's creating new businesses or, partnering with people in the UK or, looking at partnerships and investments, even back over here, it's a bit harder because you gotta go through the visa system first, but everything's possible. [00:05:17] And you don't know what opportunities are out there unless you actually go and seek them out that are not gonna fall on your lap. So there are things that I want in life. And there are big things, big goals that I have. That you are never going to hit by having a job ever in your life. [00:05:39] You're never going to do it by having some tiny little side hustle alongside your job because you're staying safe. It will never provide for the goals that I have. I have got big goals. So the only way that I know to get these things, or the only way I can think of right now is to go and meet other people who've already done it. [00:05:59] And people who are really advanced on that journey to connect with them and, make a better network than I currently have. So that's the reasons, and I wanna bounce off people, create new ideas and those partnerships, and really, I would also like to know from you. is this something you've done yourself before? [00:06:18] Have you sought out similar opportunities? Where maybe people thought you were having a midlife crisis or something like that, but actually you've gone out there and had success in it, or perhaps you've gone out there and not had success? I think they're just as important to talk about as the ones where you have been successful, how did you find it? [00:06:36] Comment below comment in the notes, leave questions, let other people see it. Other people may see your comment and actually really resonate from it. So that's what I would ask from you. Right. So I've gotta go because I've got like 15 minutes to vacate my hotel room. Now, if you are interested about how to get into the USA, what visa, what the visa allows you to do like ETSA visa or about the global entry program. [00:07:03] Click on this video up here. Because that's going to tell you about the global entry program and what it does for you and yeah. Basically how to go through it all from start to finish. If you're a UK citizen and remember opportunity awaits us all, you've just gotta go out there and take it. I'm Aaron Henriques until next time, take care.


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