5 April 2021

Why a negative mindset will kill your entrepreneur spirit, business dreams and lead to a failed startup | Aaron Henriques

If you’re running a business or thinking about starting one and think that something is holding you back, then you must listen to this, right now.

In this podcast, I mention Dean Graziosi. You can find out more about Dean and subscribe to his podcast  https://www.deangraziosi.com/


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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques (00:03): Hello everyone. And welcome to the podcast. I'm Aaron Henriques and today I'm going to be talking to you a about your mindset and a positive mindset, but it's not necessarily what you think. I'm not going to be talking about, you know, going and sitting in a cupboard count into 1052 with a candle on your head or something like that. It's really around how sort of like your mindset and your outlook can affect your business and what, what it is that you're trying to do in your life to sort of progress your life. So I'll, I'll get into that in a second. And first of all, I just wanted to mention something because I had a few comments come through about how I had mixed the podcast. I sort of put a lot of the, from my British pilot podcast into this one, and then I finished quite a few people would prefer them to be kept separately because, you know, you might be more interested in business and entrepreneurship and investing and stuff like that, which is sort of related, whereas maybe not so much around the flying side now, because I do, you know, flying is quite a large part of my life. Aaron Henriques (01:17): It's probably something I am going to still mention and speak about and stuff like that. But what I thought that I would do for the time being is you know, keep it as two separate podcasts for now. Because sometimes I can come out with quite a lot of flying stuff on, you know, one after the other, after the other. And that's I think that's something that might put some of you off listening in and but then guess what, you know, it's, it's the way of the world. The two days after I sort of stripped out a lot of the flying stuff from this podcast I then had an Instagram message from someone saying how much they liked the fact I've combined the two and that they are in free interest in aviation. And they're also interested in entrepreneurship and investing and stuff like that. Aaron Henriques (02:10): So, you know, swings and round abouts here, but let me just leave it as, as is for, for now there is still gonna, like I said, there's still going to be stuff about the flying side because it is part of my life and this podcast, isn't just about business. This is actually just about, it's basically me because I can't be bothered to write a journal. I mean, I don't know why I'd write a journal, we'd read it, but like it's basically that isn't it. And just, you know, sharing the sort of things that I do, the experiences I have so that you can, you know, see how other people are doing it. You know, I'm just one other person and I'd just get on with stuff and do stuff. That's my main sort of trait. I don't sort of tend to hang back so much, but anyway yeah, let me get into this. Aaron Henriques (02:54): So I found this quite interesting and it's something I've been thinking about for a while around, you know, like peoples mindset and like negative mindset and it like, do you ever just find yourself just like moaning? You know, you're just walking around the house or just moaning and, you know, or you just feel like you can't be bothered to do stuff. And maybe you feel like you're caught in a trap. You're not progressing with your stuff. Do you ever feel yourself like that? I mean, I do a lot, you know, and it's sometimes really hard to identify, right. And it's something where it's, it can really kill our progress in our life and our business and everything. So there's actually another podcast that I listened to. And if you're interested in sort of mindset, stuff and motivation, that is one of the most motivating people that I know. Aaron Henriques (03:47): And the, I listened to, I don't know him actually, but the, I listened to and that's Dean Graziosi. He's, he's from America, he's entrepreneur from America different level, completely different level to me. But he is really on, is really sort of motivational and stuff, but his podcast, I think it's called the Dean Graziosi show, literally, just that he does talk about this stuff sometimes, and it's something that if you're interested in going follow his podcast, but the, you know, sort of habits and daily rituals that you have can be part of the problem. Okay. Now let me explain this. Like, so here's my daily ritual really, you know, sort of half, five, six in the morning I wake up. Okay. first thing I'll do is I will make a cup of tea unless it's a workout day. And if it's a workout day, then I will just be getting ready for the workout. Aaron Henriques (04:46): And then after that, I'll make my tea, but anyway, I'll go make some tea. I'll go and make my porridge with my, with my oats. But my oats that is the porridge. I've gotten a porridge with like fruit and nuts and stuff like that in it. And I'll have, then I'll sit down with that and my cup of tea and watch the news. And that's where the problem starts. Okay. So the problem starts there because the news shock horror, literally, if you didn't know, it already is really, really, really negative, but it's such a part of my day-to-day life. You know what, I'm coming up for 35 and it's just been part of my day, my everyday thing I do in the morning, I watch the news or I'll be flicking through the news apps and stuff like that. And what I think you don't realize is how much negative stuff they spew at you constantly. Aaron Henriques (05:44): And I've heard many times about about, you know, listening to less news or, you know, try to get more positive stuff in your life and listening less to that stuff, because not only does the news, you know, the news is a business, right? The news is designed to create, to stir up emotion and create conversation. Okay. That, that's what they're designed to do. If the news was just, Oh, you know, happy stuff all the time, you know, people don't talk about it. People don't like to go happy stuff. People like to talk about, you know, negative stuff. You know, they like to have the debates and, you know, the arguments, you know what I mean? Like that's, that's what people like and the, the controversy, that's what the people like. And that's what the news does. It sells controversy all day, every day. Aaron Henriques (06:31): And the problem is, is that where you're hearing about, you know, for example, throughout COVID everyday, or you're hearing about is deaths. And, you know, people who are really sad and people are losing their homes and people have lost their jobs, and everything's really terrible. And the world is terrible. And, you know, you might as well melt down and literally go and sit in that cave. And it's, it's something that when you're hearing that every day can definitely, definitely bring you down. So I made a decision just over a month ago now. And first of all, I went a bit light on it. I'd just turn off notifications on my phone because I used to get like sky news notifications all the time, you know, Oh, bombs going off in this country. You know, X amount of people have died today from COVID or whatever. Aaron Henriques (07:21): I like constantly just bombarding me with like negative, negative, negative. You know, those of you know, is in the police before, you know, I was in the police for over 10 years. And as you can imagine, people don't call the police because they're happy, you know, it's a very negative job. And it's something that you get, I wouldn't say used to because, well, yeah, you get used to the negative side. You definitely get used to the exposure of the negatives and all of the tragedy that happens in the world, but it's not, it's not good for your mind. And the news is just the same. And so I got rid of the notifications, first of all, and I would find myself, I'd still just open up the apps because I was so used to it. You know, I was used to clicking on these apps all day, every day, and I was still watching the morning news cause Piers Morgan makes me laugh when he's not on, I watch BBC news. Aaron Henriques (08:09): But yeah, and then I just decided that about a month ago that look, let's just cut the news out and see if it makes a difference. And to be honest with you, I feel like it has, because I'm not talking, you know, I'm a bit out of the loop with some stuff. You know, every now and then one of my friends will call me up and they'll start talking about something I'm like, dude, I have no clue what you're talking about? Not a clue. And, you know, because I haven't watched the news, but you know, there's, I feel a lot better just for the fact that not listening to the news. And it's not just news that caused this problem by the way, but it's just one of the things within our lives that does cause a problem. It starts our day off in such a negative way that it's something that we should probably reduce or cut out because, you know, we all know about things that are physical. Aaron Henriques (09:05): You know, if you I don't know, eating two McDonald's cheeseburgers, you know, five times a day or something like that, eventually, you know, that's not good for you and that's gonna, you know, cause you health issues further down the line, but for our mental health, I don't think people think about that enough. And you know, the, the mindset side really does play into your business because when you're thinking negative, when you're, if you're, if you're feeling down or you're thinking negative about stuff, it completely holds progression. You know, tell me someone who is depressed and did really, really well at the time they were really depressed. I mean, I don't know of anyone, maybe you do, but I just don't see how that could be the, how that can be possible because people become a bit insular. Don't know they go into themselves and you know, it might be something that you've done yourself because I definitely have, and nobody wants to work with people who come across negative. Aaron Henriques (10:10): You can smell it on people. Sometimes can't you, the negative people who you just don't want around you because they're not bringing the light and the positivity to your life. People like to work with people who are enthusiastic and energy and, you know, creative and, you know, putting out loads of ideas and trying to get ahead and do stuff like not people who are just feeling sorry for themselves. And that's something where people can really get themselves into it and not realise. And they get into that state where they are. So when they seem so depressed that they cannot possibly imagine ever achieving anything that they really want to achieve in their life. So that's just something I wanted to talk about briefly, because it's so important that, you know, there's something really easy that you can do there. I'm not, I'm not, you know, one of these antiestablishment, anti news anti-anything people, but I just feel like particularly now the news is so negative that we all know really don't we. Aaron Henriques (11:13): We all know if we're constantly hearing negative stuff, you know, just from being, you know, a human being who who's logical, if you're constantly hearing negative stuff, you're going to feel and think negative. And for most of us, you know, probably most of us, you know, if you're like me, you, you would have been listening to that everyday. You probably still are. Maybe you watched it this morning. Maybe you're watching it now in the background. It's just something to think about. Is that something you could cut out of your day? Do you need to know about the news? Honestly? Like, do you, like when I think about it, do you need to know, like, does it affect you? Most of the stuff that you see on there? Is it, what is it going to do with you, you know what I mean? Like, I dunno, like it's got nothing to do with you or me. Aaron Henriques (12:02): If there's anything that important. I'm sure they'll send you a letter, you know, when you need to know about when your COVID injection is going to happen, they'll send you a lot. I'll tell you about it directly, won't they. You don't, you don't need to be listening to every day. And particularly if it, before they're going to do is do negative stuff. So yeah, maybe the new channels will hate this. I'm not that I've got millions of people listening, but you know, eh, you know, there's, there's a lot of people out there at the moment talking about similar things about maybe, maybe not the news, also social media. I didn't even mention social media on my God. Like the alogarithms in social media, people are insane, insane, completely insane, do not. If you're seeing stuff on social media about a particular point of view. And if you interact with that particular point of view, you're going to see more of the stuff from that particular point of view. Aaron Henriques (12:55): It doesn't mean everyone's talking about that guys. Okay. That's what you need to understand there. If you haven't seen it already, there is something on Netflix. What's it bloody called? Let me search for it while I'm still talking, but there's basically, there's a series on Netflix at the moment. And it's something where it has execs from Facebook, like previous execs from Facebook and stuff, telling you about how the social algorithms work. Now you've probably seen before where, you know, when, I don't know if you started, if you were talking about I don't know, what could you, what could, what's a topical thing. Okay. Let's say Trump, like Trump was a big topic. And if you, if you were talking about Trump and you either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, if you were anti-Trump and you can interacting with stuff that was anti-Trump you are, I guarantee you, you will keep seeing stuff about anti-Trump you won't see the pro-Trump stuff. Aaron Henriques (14:02): You will see the anti-Trump stuff, because that's how their algorithms work. It shows that you are interested in this, so it will show you more of that. But then what does that do? That just reinforces your negative view or your view on a particular topic. It reinforces it because that's all you keep seeing. And you're like, yeah, that's what everyone thinks. Everyone is thinking this stuff. Whereas, no, because I might've been on the pro-Trump side or nothing do Trump at all. I'm just seeing, you know, pictures of, I don't know, cats on my bloody feed instead, you know, that's all I'm seeing. I'm not seeing anything about Trump, but for you, because that's all you're seeing, that's what you think is going on. Whereas people have a different point of view. They're only seeing the other point of view, and this is how these big clashes and arguments happen. Aaron Henriques (14:46): You know, we've had, you know, I've had an issue in my family recently with family, like having a really strong view on COVID. I mean, it's, to me it's insane, crazy, but it's, it's have you, and, she felt the need to argue about it, but anyway, the thing on social media on Netflix is called "The Social Dilemma". If you haven't seen it, watch it really good. It would explain to you how you are, you know, in a way being manipulated by the social media algorithms, whether intentionally or not. And also, so that, you're just a bit more aware of the sort of information that's being fed to you. Anyway, I've been talking a while now and I need to get on with my day. So if you like what you hear today can you do me a favor and go and open up your app that you've played this on today and just go and give a five star review because that'd be really nice of you and just you know, just leave a few comments about something, you know, say, you know, what was helpful for you? Aaron Henriques (15:49): Is there anything that you've thought about? Have you changed anything in your life you know, to try and make yourself a bit more positive, have a bit of a positive mindset so that you can actually go ahead and get ahead and progress in the things that you want to achieve personally. Okay, please go ahead and do that. They don't take you like 30 seconds and of course, if you ever want to get in contact with me or follow me I'm on Instagram, it's @AaronHenray. There's lots of pictures of planes and stuff like that. As we start getting more into into the summer and stuff and as locked down, restrict restrictions left, I'm sure there'll be a lot more, not just about planes, but also about my normal life and business staff and all sorts of things that I do. Aaron Henriques (16:32): Weird and wonderful things that I get out to there's something coming out. I can't speak about yet, but it's something that I've I've, I'm doing. I, I, I will talk about at some point, but just not yet, I can't quite talk about it. But yeah. Until next time, you know, keep positive, you know, keep doing what you're, you know, keep doing what you're doing. If you feel like you're being negative, then try and find ways to get out of it, because there are ways to, you know, if you're feeling down particularly and depressed about something, you know, it's not over, whatever it is. It's not over, it's not done with, it's not finite, there's unlimited amounts of money and wealth out there. You know, anything that you want can be achieved. Absolutely. It's not just some hippie nonsense, anything you want can be achieved. Okay. So yeah, until next time, take care.


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