30 April 2020

Think Your NEED A Business Coach To Start Your Online Business?

We’ve been contacted a lot recently about business coaching and the costs for one-to-one. So today we’ll explore if you even need a business coach when you’re starting your own online business…

See why some coaches may not even want to work with you and how to avoid the FAKES!

See what Aaron thinks of business coaches he’s worked with on a one-to-one basis and if it helped or hindered him…

Plus you’ll be invited to participate in this episode, listen to find out how!

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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques: [00:00:00] Welcome to the get growing online podcast. I'm Aaron Henriques. And today I'm going to be talking to you about whether or not you need an online business coach when you're starting your own online business. But before I do that, I just wanted to let a few of, you know, cause I've had lots of people contact me at the weekend asking me. [00:00:20] More, you know, more about my story because people wanted to know, so you can actually find this out on the webinar. So if you go ahead, you can follow my personal Instagram. That's fine. You can contact me there as well. My personal Instagram is @AaronHenray. That's AaronHenray. That's where I hang out at the most. [00:00:37]And you can click on the link on my, on my Instagram page. And that would take you straight to the webinar. Well, you can actually register your seat for free. You can learn more about me and about my journey with my own, with my own online businesses. Okay. So one of those people that contacted me over the weekend it was called Yemi and Yemi actually asked me, you know, how much is it going to cost to work with me on [00:01:00] a one-to-one basis now? [00:01:02] Yemi I, I, obviously I wanted to know a bit, it was you know, I wasn't expecting that email from Yemi. And so I just thought I wanted to know a bit more about Yemi. Cause I didn't know anything about them, what stage of business they're at. So when we got back to me and said, look, They're looking at starting an online business, but they didn't know what product or service to sell yet, but what Yemi was doing, which is great to see, you know, it's the first sign of a smart entrepreneur is that they're looking at the actual cost of getting started up. [00:01:26] Okay. You know, she was looking at the business coaching side. How much is it gonna cost to get a business coach? How that's one of the things. So I, I sent me off to actually, to one of my courses, you know, getting in a business planning masterclass because that's, that's the first step for any entrepreneur. [00:01:42] I strongly believe that the first step, every entrepreneur, every entrepreneur that I know every successful one anyway, has always started off with a solid business plan and getting that right in the first place. So that's where I've sent Yemi off to, for now to go and get that in place. Before they're looking at any sort of, you know, spending thousands of thousands of pounds on a business coach. [00:02:00] [00:02:00] Okay. So the reason for this episode is because Yemi actually asked me the cost of, you know, how much they're going to work with me. Okay. And that, that came about after Yemi been on my webinar and saw about how someone had paid me 12,000 pounds for me to work with them. Okay. And that, that's one of the things that I cover in the webinars so that you can actually see the successes that they had as well. [00:02:21] But the reason why Yemi asked that cause they, you know, Yemi's obviously looking at whether or not they can get to that same level very quickly just by working with a coach. Okay. Now there's a few things that you need to consider here, right? So sometimes if you're looking at business coaches, you know, lots of them will only work with one, two or three people a year. [00:02:44] Right. When I'm, when I mean work with people, I mean, on a one-to-one basis. Okay. That's what Yami was asking about the one-to-one coaching on, you know, most business coaches are going to want to see that you've already got that entrepreneurial sort of drive and flare in you. You've got that passion, you know, you've got that [00:03:00] spirit and you've created a realistic plan. [00:03:03] Okay. Because if you, you know, if anyone comes to me, sort of saying that, well, I want to work on a one-to-one basis with you, Aaron and. You know, how much you going to cost me? I've got the money here. Here you go. And I'll be like, hold on, show me your business plan first. Right? Because. Just like lots of other people, you know, people don't want to waste their time. [00:03:23] They want to see that, you know, the coach, isn't going to be wasting their time on someone who isn't actually going to get anywhere because they haven't shown that they've even got the basics in place. They haven't shown that they've actually gone out there to at least gather all the information that they know that they, they, they feel like they should have to be able to actually start their business. [00:03:42] Or also it could be the case that, you know, they haven't actually gone and started their business. They haven't actually. So with coaches, you know, it's, it's not all about the money. Okay. It'd be easy to take people's money, but if you're not going to, you know, if you're only working with a few people yeah. [00:03:57] Because lots of coaches have, you know, other, there [00:04:00] are other businesses that they work on throughout the year for themselves, or there's other things that they do, you know, they might be setting up courses like I'm setting up a boot camp at the moment, the startup bootcamp. Cause I've only got so many hours in a day and I don't want to be working, you know, from morning tonight. [00:04:13] On the coaching people as much as I enjoy it, but I enjoy, I enjoy that. One-to-one just to, you know, a few times in a year and sometimes it's really easy, particularly now this is like a big sort of warning sign for a lot of coaches. It's easy for you know, for entrepreneurs who want to start up to, yeah, they've got, they've got an idea and they want to go ahead with it and they've got it in their head by getting a business coach that is going to be just by getting a business coach at that is all they need. [00:04:42] And they're going to suddenly become a success and it's not true. Okay. And the reason why this isn't true is because lots of, lots of clients think that, you know, there's some people that think that the coach is going to come in and actually do the work for them and the coach isn't going to do that. [00:04:56] Okay. The coach, isn't going to be setting that your website. They're not going to be writing your emails. [00:05:00] They're not going to be you know, setting up all your online you know, retargeting campaigns and all your ad campaigns,etc. They're not going to be doing that for you, but they're going to tell you and show you. [00:05:09] How you can do those things for yourself and it's for you to then implement that. Does that make sense? And in the main, you know, coaches want their clients to succeed. Now, the coaches that I've worked with. You know, they've wanted me to succeed. Now when people I've worked with in the past, they want me to succeed. [00:05:25] You know, the other coaches that I meet in the business space. Okay. They want their clients to succeed and it's not just because it makes them look good. Okay. But it's also because, you know, like I say, usually coaches have that burning desire inside to help people. And if they've only got a limited number of, you know, a vape, you know, for only got a limited number of people they can work with on a one-to-one basis per year, then they don't want to be wasting. You know that time that they could have spent with someone else. Who's actually got the, you know, the qualities that they're looking for in an entrepreneur, that's likely to be able to succeed by [00:06:00] implementing all of the stuff, you know, all the knowledge that they're going to share with them.  [00:06:05] And one of the first coaches I ever worked with. Okay. Her name's Jessica Lorimer and she's actually got a fantastic podcast. She specializes in corporate in corporate sales. Now you can, you can listen to a podcast it's called selling to corporates. It's on whatever platform you're listening to this on. You'll be able to find it on that. Now I talk about Jess for a moment because. [00:06:25] I worked with Jess on a one-to-one basis and I'm not going to disclose how much that was, but it was thousands and thousands of pounds. Right. And you know, the thing is with Jess is that she's worth every penny and more, and that's not just Jess, it's other coaches that I've worked with. Okay. And the reason for that, the reason why I say that is because if you take her recent launch, for example, now that it was 6,000 pounds a year, just for group coaching, Okay. [00:06:51] So this is some people that might seem really expensive, but you know what, to her clients, you will keep coming back every year. That's not expensive. Okay. Because they are so [00:07:00] much, I get so much out of it. But the thing is with Jess is that she'll only work with people who are at a certain stage of their business. [00:07:08] And obviously because she's so specialist, she actually specializes in corporate sales. Okay. That's, that's obviously something that's. That's important as well. And if you are interested in corporate sales, you can always have a look at the podcast is called the selling to corporates podcast. And, you know, having that launch recently. [00:07:25] Her recent launch, like I said, it's 6,000 pounds a year for an annual port for an annual program selling to corporates and you don't necessarily need a one-to-one coach starting up. Right. Because there's so much for you to do. There's so much stuff that you should be going out there learning on yourself. [00:07:43] Okay. Yeah. One of the most important things, one of the things, things that you learned the most from your failures and I've had many over the years. Okay. I've been doing online business since 2005, or my classes, my first proper online business since 2013. Okay. I've been doing this for quite a while now. [00:08:00] [00:08:00] Right. And you know, yeah. You just it's from those mistakes is where. You've learned. That's where my most valuable lessons are. So for the, for the people that I will work with, whether it's not on a one-to-one basis or, you know, if I'm, if it's in a group coaching or if it's, you know, one of my courses, I'm thinking about all the things that have, you know, stung me to have, you know, come to bite me in the rear before, you know, things that have cost me a ton of time, things that have cost me a ton of money, you know, wasted thousands of pounds of certain things where it just would never have been worth. [00:08:30] It never would have, you know, I wasn't as smart as you, I didn't have anyone. To her to show me the way I didn't have any coaches. I didn't, you know, back when I first started, I didn't have business books or anything like that. I literally, I just went off. One of them, people that just went and scatter gunning. [00:08:44] Yeah. It took me years to get there. But you know, as a coach, you made it, you may want to be, you literally, you cannot help everyone. All right. That there's some people that will never get anywhere. Sorry to say. There's some people out there who will start to business. They're the ones that are scattered on everything. [00:09:00] [00:08:59] Now they'll literally just launch off with some idea. They've not thought about it and not fall about their costs. They have no idea. If they can even make a profit with this, they don't know who their customers are, where to find them. They don't anything. They haven't fought about anything that would, they see what I've got is a product. [00:09:13] And they're like, okay, let me just try and throw this out there now, unless you've got unlimited money to advertise this stuff, all you're going to do is waste your time. Okay. Are you going to waste your time and you never get anywhere? And there's lots of people out there like that, and you don't have to be one of those people. [00:09:28] Okay. Because those people tend to be the people that, you know, they will blame others. They will be pointing the finger at everyone else when it doesn't work for them. Okay. Whereas really what they should be doing is taking a long, hard look in the mirror at themselves. Okay. And that's because had they started off with. [00:09:50] You know, at least, you know, at least a solid business plan. Yes. It's the boring bit. Okay. It's the boring bit of business, but it's the most [00:10:00] crucial because if you don't plan to succeed, all you're doing is planning to fail. That's all you're doing by failing to plan. You're going to fail. Right? So having a decent business plan in place is what's really going to get you started. [00:10:14] And if you are looking at coaching now, but you haven't got your business plan together yet. Okay. Then the only type of coach you're ever going to get working with you is the type of coach who isn't, you know, running their own proper businesses. They may be those people who've woken up one day and thought. I know what today, I'm now a business coach. Okay. And you ask them a question. Well, what businesses, if you've ever run, I haven't run any, but I'm now a business coach now. There's literally people like that. Okay. It's insane. I mean, they've got zero credibility in what they're doing. But they will, they, they will sell to you because they'll sell at such a cheap price. [00:10:50] And if you're wanting people that you're looking at cheap all the time, you're not going to get me for cheap. I assure you that you know, most people listening will never work with me on a one-to-one basis, even if you want to, you know, [00:11:00] headache eight emails, but not eight emails. I had a few, a few emails, had a couple on Instagram, mostly through the Facebook page, asking about how much it will cost to work with me on a one-to-one basis. [00:11:11] And, you know, as much as, as much as I love working with people and helping them out with their businesses, you know, you can some of the stuff I can help you out with when you're at the very earliest stages, you know, you can get that stuff on one of my courses, you know there's plenty in there for you to be getting on with before we start going into more advanced stuff in the one-to-one. [00:11:31] Okay. So what I would like you to do if you're one of them, people that you're looking at getting started. Okay. Join me on my webinar. That's the first thing. Join me on my webinar, because we're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about the importance of business planning and how you can do it. [00:11:46] All right. So we're going to talk about that. Also join the Facebook group. Okay. Go onto Facebook. Now, open it on your phone and go onto the, get growing online to type and get growing online. And join [00:12:00] request to join that Facebook group. It's a brand new Facebook group, but we want it full of people just like yourselves, who are looking at starting and growing their own online businesses. [00:12:08] And don't be afraid about, you know, Sharing any, you know, share, share your successes and also share when things don't work. Right? Because we all know things that work and we're meant to be this group of entrepreneurs. We're not there just to show off to each other less. I want to create a nice group of, you know, real entrepreneurs who, you know, they face the real things that, you know, order all their successes and they'll have all the failures. [00:12:30] The other entrepreneurs will have because chances are, if you've had that and you've found a way to work, you know, work something out yourself. Or, you know, there might be other people in there you might be stuck on something there's other people in there that can help you out. I can help you out. My team can help you out. [00:12:44] And there's other people in there as well. So it's a brand new Facebook group. I want you to get involved, get in there and tell us what your business is, what stage you're at. Okay. So join the get growing online Facebook group. Okay. And like I say, you can follow me on Instagram. That's where I hang out the most. [00:12:59]I am on Facebook [00:13:00] as well, but you can find me on Instagram. It's @AaronHenray. That's AaronHenray. We'll be looking forward to the next episode that's coming up on Monday. So hit the subscribe if you haven't already hit subscribe. So you'll get the notification. When the next episode comes out, have a nice day, everyone.  


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