22 April 2020

The Things STOPPING You From Starting Your Own Online Business

Discover the reason why you and many others have not started their online businesses and why people keep telling you that you must be crazy!


In This Episode…
The lost Billion-pound online business idea.
Why you came close to never even hearing about Amazon.com
Special invitation to an online business event that will help you get your business started!

Plus more… so grab a coffee, listen in and stay tuned!



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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques: [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. I'm Aaron Henriques and welcome to the get growing online podcast. Today I'm going to be sharing with you the top things that are stopping you from starting your own online business. Now, if you, if you're new to the podcast and you're not following me already. You can find my personal account on Instagram. [00:00:19] That's where I hang out most of the time. And that's @AaronHenray, that's AaronHenray. If you open up your Instagram and go and follow me now, that's @AaronHenray, and you can see what I get up to, but basically at the end of this podcast, what we're going to do is I'm going to give you a special invitation into, see something more about how I actually started out myself. [00:00:41] And you're also going to get a free gift from me. But with that as well, So the reason why I wanted to speak about, you know, the things that are possibly stopping you from starting your own online business is because do you know what I've actually been there myself right ? There's loads of people, loads of people, entrepreneurs, just like you, they've got the ideas. [00:01:02]You know, you've, you've, you're full of ideas, aren't you? And you've got. You, you know, you, you may even have like a little plan put together, but maybe there's a reason. There's a reason why you've not taken that first step into actually starting. And for those of you that have taken that step and started, and then thought, you know, you haven't really dived in as much as you sort of hoped you would have done it, or maybe you've not, you know, you you've been on a journey and it hasn't worked out as well as you had hoped, or maybe not at all. [00:01:27] You know, some people have tried for ages and they've never made a penny. Okay, so that they're the people that I'm wanting to reach out to today to sort of think about what is it that's holding you back from really going full throttle, start your online business and making it a success. Okay. So one of the things that I'll start off with, right? [00:01:47] I know the reason why I start off with this there's this business plan I created. Okay. A long time ago now. And I keep that business plan. In my in my storage every now and then I'd get it out. Okay. [00:02:00] Now this business plan I created, like I say, a long time ago, not long after I left school. And there was some new emerging technologies that were coming out. [00:02:09] There was GPS technologies moving maps on, on people's devices, all these new smartphones people were, you know, kids of today. They won't understand what I'm talking about, but there was a time when, you know, you couldn't just open up Google or you couldn't, you know, order something from Amazon on your phone. [00:02:25] Like you could literally just call. And before that you know, you can even do that. You know, you had to be in a physical location, but anyway, let me move on. Basically, there's a business plan that I keep and that business plan I keep it to this day because that business plan was a multi-billion pound idea. [00:02:42] It's just back then. I didn't know that. Right. So what I created, I created a business plan. What basically three years, three solid years before Uber came along, but it was Uber. Okay. It wasn't called Uber. It was called something else. It was called Execar, but. It's not as a catchy name, but the thing is right. [00:03:02] I went to, I went to Barclays business bank after I create this massive business plan. I've been out there, I've met all these people, the people that develop this new technologies that were out and, you know, starting to become available, this was brand new stuff back then, guys. Right? So it's this isn't, you know, thinking of now this is back then when nobody was doing it. [00:03:21] And I found out that you could put all these things together to actually, you know, achieve something. And the reason why I did that is because back in the days, when, you know, I used to get a mini cab from the local station after call them up. And I didn't like speaking to them because most of them, you know, it's difficult to speak to them anyway. [00:03:37] And then when the, when the cabbie turned up, you know, they often, they didn't have a clue where they were going there. You know, they would sit at the side of the road for five minutes trying to go through, you know, flick for an A to Z. That kind  of what an A to Z is that is an actual map. That's printed. Right. You know, people don't use those things now. I don't even know if they still print them a, B, I don't know who would use them, but but an a to Z. So they used to flip through [00:04:00] these A to Z's, and then they would, you know, get halfway and then they'd flip through the A to Z again, to try and work out what it was. [00:04:05] And I just thought. There has got to be a better way than this. And that's what prompted me to go out there and look at the new emerging technologies put together a business plan. And I remember sitting in front of a board of Barclays business bankers in Angel in Islington, right? That's in London for people that don't know where his Islington is. [00:04:20] And basically I sat there. And took them over my plan and they were all chin wagging away and whatever. And then they ended up giving me an offer for the full funding. I asked for 100% of the funding that I asked for to be able to create this app. Okay. And the funding I asked for was double what Uber had actually started off with themselves to create their own. [00:04:42] Right. So the next thing I did is I went to speak to my mum, but my dad and some of my friends. Okay. And that was the biggest mistake I ever made right now. The reason why that's the biggest mistake I ever made because they were telling me things like, you know, it's too risky. No, one's done it before. [00:05:02] You know? So there's probably a reason why no, one's done it before, because it doesn't work. It's not something that people want. You know, my mum for one of them, people, she was one of them people, right? When mobile phones first started becoming available to everyone, she said, you know, I still remember this in a day. The thing that she used to keep saying was. Now, what do I need? One of them for, I don't need people to call me when I'm out. They can call me when I'm at home now to anyone now that sounds ridiculous. But back then, a lot of people thought that  way. They thought like, well, people have got my house number. [00:05:31] They can call me then. And you know, when I think back, I think, how did we ever arrange anything? Because if I go out now, you know, be texting my friends or WhatsApp and my friends and say, oh, I'm here, I'm there. You know, I'm five minutes away sort of thing. But back then, it wasn't like that. So so basically. [00:05:45] My family was saying that my friends were saying that about how risky it was. And I was sat there, you know, I was coming up, you know, I grew up in a council flat, you know, from, you know very humble beginnings in, in that sort of sense. And I you know, sat there and I was sitting [00:06:00] down thinking, you know, of all the things that they were saying, and I was, I let it get the better of me and I listened to them and I sort of put that business plan aside now to my horror. [00:06:11] It wasn't three. As later I had, everybody's probably about five years later, I heard of Uber before, before they started actually becoming, you know, something that people would starting to recognize. Right. But it was actually three years later, the Uber, they, they first actually started their business idea three years later. [00:06:29] Now the thing is right. There's no guarantee that I would have ever been a success like Uber from that business plan. Okay. There's probably other people in the world that actually had the idea as well. But again, they never got started, but you know, what made Uber a, such a success they actually started. [00:06:45] They actually started their business idea. Right. So that's one of the business plans that I keep to this day, because it reminds me whenever I've got an idea to do something and I, and I start, you know, we're all built with that self doubt to sort of, it's there to protect us, you know, to all those things that we'll tell ourselves that we can't do it because fill in the blank, whatever that, you know, crappy reason is. [00:07:05] Okay. And. They are the people who it was by listening to my family and friends is what stopped me from doing that. So I'm talking to you as Aaron Henriques  a former police officer in London. Okay. And I may have never become one. I may have never had all those experiences that I, that I had had that business taken off, you know, it could have done, but I will never know that now. [00:07:28] Right. So that's one of the things that. You know, family and friends, they're so used to being poor and they want your, you know, they've got your best interest at heart. And what I mean by poor, by the way, before anyone gets offended by that, I'm going to explain what I mean by poor in shortly. But they're used to being poor. [00:07:46] They used to being, you know, they're used to that sort of, you go to school, you get a job, you know, you have your two weeks holiday year. You know, you work your nine to five. You have that two weeks holiday. Yeah. And that's it. Then you moan about your [00:08:00] boss about how she see there or something like that. [00:08:02] Right. And that's how the majority of people are. And that's fine. You know, there's nothing wrong with that at all, nothing wrong with that. You know, businesses, you know, I've got businesses and I need people to work in those businesses and I don't criticize anyone if that's what they want to do. But if you are one of those people, one of those people that think differently and by your, if you're listening to this, you're probably one of those people, right. [00:08:25] Who think differently about. The world. And you're one of those people that have constantly got ideas that are rushing through your brain in that, but then you're listening to, you know, your family and your friends who are putting you off, and you may even have bosses. Like I had a boss once, right. Who, who actually tried to actively stop me from starting a business. [00:08:45] Right. And you know, you think, well, what, what businesses is that it's like, it's, it's not like as if I could start up my own police force that wasn't going to happen, but that's what people do. And then you get people who, you know, some of the people who tried to protect you, like your family and friends, because they don't want to see your father. [00:09:00] Don't want to see you invest your money and your time and lose it. Yeah. They don't want to see you lose your house. Don't want to see you to, you know, to have failed relationships and stuff, because you're stressed because you're trying to start a business and it's not working out. Right. They don't want none of that stuff, but then you might get someone like your boss who may try and stop you. [00:09:16] Yeah, I get it. If you're going to become a competitor there as a direct competitor. Yeah. It's probably in your contract. You can't do that. But I mean, if you've just got another idea, completely different and they're trying to stop you, you've got to think why that is. Okay. Is it, is it that social ladder thing? [00:09:31] Is it that status thing where they don't want to see, you know, they've probably reached a peak of where they're ever going to get to and they don't want someone who's, you know, one of their, one of their staff, one of their employees to necessarily achieve more than them. And they, no one likes that, you know, people, you know, whether you think about it consciously or not everyone, you know, you've got a certain. You know, a ladder that you, you know, you, you put people on different shelves and you know, there's [00:10:00] different hierarchies and whatever. And you've got people that are really similar to you as probably the majority of your friends are probably very, very similar to you. In, in some ways that may be not in the way that you think around business. [00:10:12] And that is one of the things that is, is probably stopping you as well, as you know, you've got all of those negative things that have been constantly pumped into you plus your own mindset, your own mindset is always thinking of those reasons why, you know, why you just can't do stuff. You know, I can't do this and I can't do it because. [00:10:34] Whatever, you know, I can't start my business because it will cost a lot of money. I can't start my business because nobody else is doing this in it. There's probably a reason why. Right. I can't start my business because I don't know what else are there other common reasons that people say, things like that. [00:10:51] I can't start my business because I can't start my business. Cause I don't know how to build a website. I can't start my business because you know, it's, it's too risky. You know, there, there's so many reasons, you know, people say about, oh, I've got the time. You know, or it, you know, so there's so many different reasons that people may have is why they won't start their own online businesses. [00:11:10] And you know what shorts think about it. Why have you never got started? Let me know. No. Tell me why is that you haven't yourself got started right now. I said, I'll come on to the, the rich versus the poor mind, because I mentioned daddy about your friends and your family being poor. And I don't want you to be offended. [00:11:28] Okay. What I was referring to is there, have you, how many of you have heard of a book called rich dad? Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. If you've heard of that, right. So for those of you that haven't, you know, he talks about the rich and the poor mind, and he's not, isn't, he's not talking about like rich versus poor as in the amount of money you've got in your pocket. [00:11:49] Okay. Cause there's some very, very rich people. So people that, particularly people who have been born into wealth, right. Who they are, who he would still class as poor. [00:12:00] It may in many respects. And I explain why, and basically what he would suggest is what he puts forward is that someone who has a poor and I always say a poor mind, you know, I keep saying that that's not what he says. [00:12:13] He says rich and poor, but I say a poor mind. And the reason why I say poor mind is because he talks about things like where people would say, I can't do that. And then follow the reason on why they can't do something. But someone like yourselves. You know, an entrepreneur, someone who's actually wanted to start their own business and stuff. [00:12:31] They're, they're the ones that will come out with things that the successful people come out with things like, how can I do that? Now you might be thinking, well, what's the difference? It's very, very similar, right? I can't do that versus how can I do that? And it's just a few tweaks of words, but those few tweaks of words shows how your mind is very, very different. [00:12:50] Okay. Cause you're looking at ways and you know, not accepting that you can't do stuff. Why can't you do stuff, you know, I've found over the last few years, particularly, you know, since, since my mind has been opened and I've started, you know, created when I, when I realized that I'd done over a hundred grand in sales and stuff like that, I realized that, you know, you can do anything and I spent no time on like, to achieve that. [00:13:12] Right. And you, you literally can do whatever it is you like. So if you're thinking about things, like how can I do that? That's when you are really an entrepreneur and that's when you'll start to actually start succeeding your life, because you'll be looking at ways to make sure that you can actually do the stuff that other people are telling you that you cannot do. [00:13:35] All right. So it's you to stopping yourself, ultimately, okay. Your friends and your family. They can say whatever they like. Okay. But ultimately it comes down to yourself, yourself adopting that right now. Let me give you an example of someone you all know where you all should know, at least, you know, his business guaranteed. [00:13:53] You know, if, if you don't know his business, you're living on a different planet. I don't know where you've come from Amazon. [00:14:00] Okay. Jeff Bezos, right? That guy, he didn't start his, he didn't even start the idea of Amazon until he was 30. His idea of Amazon until he was 30 years old. Okay. He saw a need for, you know, he started off with just books for those who remember back, back in the day, he started off with just books. [00:14:20] Obviously. Now I'm as, and you can buy everything on there, but it just started off with books. Right. That his guy, he went to his parents as well. You know, he spoke to his parents about, he was going to quit his job. Okay. Had a good job. He's gonna, you know, he's gonna sell his house and move to a different state to start his business. [00:14:36] Okay. And his parents again. Again, they would have one saying about how risky is, or you really want to give up your nice, safe, secure job to go and do this, you know, this wacky idea sort of thing. Okay. His parents did that and, you know, had he listened, had he listened? No one would know of Amazon. Like Amazon wouldn't exist. [00:14:59] That's his, that's his, what he created. Right. Had he listened? He wouldn't be worth $120 billion right now. Right. Okay. So this isn't, this isn't something just for other people, you know, Jeff Bezos was one of you, no different to any of you listening now. Okay. I've looked at, you know I've, I've looked at the life of Duncan Bannatyne  . [00:15:21] I mean, you know, him, you know you know, Jeff Bezos is worth 120 billion, but you know, Duncan Bannatyne is worth about 300 million pounds. Okay. Now that guy, again, it didn't start until, you know, he didn't start I think he was basically, he come across a bit like a hippie anyway, in his book, his book is called, anyone can do it and I suggest you read it. [00:15:39] Right. Cause it's really inspiring. You know, he was, he was selling ice cream and like he was cleaning and all sorts of things, but he was a bit like he seemed a bit like a lazy fucker. No offense. But basically him again, he didn't start until he's 29 years old. Right. And that guy with his ideas by moving forward with his ideas, He [00:16:00] has actually become a success. [00:16:03] Okay. So one thing I'd say, okay, cause I see this a lot, you know, people put up and I've seen it on lots of people and there's people who follow me as well, who have put up things on their, on their states is like What's that thing that talked to the universe stuff. Yeah. But anyway, I can't remember that there's a tag that they keep putting up on their thing, but you're never going to succeed by talking to the universe guys, you know, there's people that talk to the universe and stick notes on the wall. [00:16:27] You know, they stick a five pound note on the wall and pray to that note every day that that's suddenly going to become a million pounds. And then there's people that are, I actually got there and do stuff to actually create their own businesses and, you know, have money that will keep generating, keep coming in no matter whether they're working or not. [00:16:43] Right. Okay. So they, you can be like one of those people, which I don't recommend because you never gonna get anywhere. My, my mum's friend. Okay. Blessed. I love her to death, but she's been doing this stuff, you know, with her 20 quid  (£20) note on our kitchen wall for the last, I don't even know how long, you know, 20 years or so. [00:17:02] Okay. And is she rich? No. Has she got any more wealthy? No. Okay. And then meanwhile, You know, there's people will come along and start a business a year later, there were only way more than she is. Okay. By actually doing stuff. Okay. Just thinking about stuff and this whole positive mindset, you know, positive universe stuff. [00:17:24] If it doesn't work, guys, I don't know anyone who's ever worked for. So for the rest of us, we actually need to do stuff. So it's not fair. You know, it's literally unfair to all of your customers, you know, your future customers and stuff like that, you know who you could. Benefit lives off with your own products and your own services. [00:17:42] Okay. It's not fair if you just sit on that idea, you know, it's not fair. If you just sit on that idea and never actually go and serve them. Okay. Cause that's, that's how I see business. Anyway, I see businesses away, you know, you serve your customers, you give them, you know, you, you, you, you do. What's good for them. [00:17:59] Okay. You try and [00:18:00] give value to them. You know, you try and improve their lives in some way. That's, you know, that's what business is about. You know, if you're buying and selling stuff, it's about improving someone's life in some way, someone else's life in some way. And as a reward, you know, as one of the bonuses that come back is that you get extra money so that you can improve your own life and do other stuff. [00:18:17] And that's just how it works. Okay. Now, if I hadn't started my own cleaning business, when I was working full time as a police officer, right. I would never have left, but still be there now. Okay. Now I actually left in 2017 and I talk a bit more about this on a webinar that I've got. I talk about my whole journey about how I started my online businesses and you know, what that was when I was working full time as a cop. [00:18:42] And, you know, then the reason why I only spent only 30 minutes a day on average on working on that business. Okay. Again, that's another thing you need to make your business work for yourselves. Okay. You don't, you, you, you need to make it work around your life. There's no point stressing yourselves out. [00:18:57] There's no point you know, working a 40 hour week in your job and then working another 40 hours on a, on another business idea. It's not really making your money and your stress and stuff like that, that stuff. Ain't great. Okay. And whilst, you know, doing that whilst, you know, spending, you know what, probably 30 minutes a day on average, and even if I don't even know if it's that much, to be honest with you I still managed to generate an additional high five figure income. [00:19:20] That was when I was still working full time as a police officer. Okay. And it's way higher than that right now. So I talk about that journey plus the journey after I left the police. Okay. So, if you want to join me on my next webinar, you can actually go to our website, https://aaronhenriques.com/high5. [00:19:40] And that will take you to the webinar registration page. So all you need to do is just put your name and your email in, and then it will send you a link so that you can log into the so you can log into the webinar room. So. In that webinar. I'm also going to talk about, you know, the one big thing. [00:19:56] Okay. The one big thing I really think is stopping most of you from [00:20:00] starting your, my businesses. I've touched on it a bit here, but I'm going to go into a bit more detail there because it's something that, you know, if you get it right, if you get this, then you will be able to overcome that in your own mind. [00:20:14] And then you'll be able to actually go and start your businesses and, you know, start making some money for yourself. All right. So if you want to, if you want to join you on that webinar webinars, https://aaronhenriques.com/high5. Like I say, you can just register it for your free seat. There's only a hundred seats on the next webinar it's just a limitation of our software. [00:20:31]But you can go and register yourself there and I'm more than happy to have you there and answer any, you know, any questions that you may have put them in the chat box. And you're also going to get a free gift in that webinar if you stay to the end, but it's only for the people that stayed to the end of that. [00:20:45] And of course, if you do have any questions at all, okay. If you've got any questions about this topic or anything to do with your online business, you know, your online business journey about starting up about your mindset, about any books you need to read anything, you know, other podcasts that you, I recommend you listen to. [00:21:00] There's a ton of stuff that I've learned over the years through. My businesses, you know, I started out in business for the first time in 2005. What I class is my first proper business in 2013. Like I've been doing this for awhile and I'm more than happy to share my experiences and, you know, try and give you guys a few pointers so that you can actually start up yourselves as well. [00:21:24] Okay. So if you open up your Facebook app right now if you then go on to Facebook and type in, get growing online, okay. There will be a group that comes up. So it's a Facebook group. If you click on the request to join button and then I'll approve that straight away, soon as soon as I can. And then we'll get you in there and just ask any questions, right. [00:21:46] You know, it's a new group. Okay. So it is brand new. But it's a new group that I want to grow of entrepreneurs of people who actually really want to start genuine online businesses, not people who are just looking at you know, sticking notes to the wall and stuff like that. People actually want to grow [00:22:00] stuff, but there's real, none of this, you know, sleazy, tacky, MLM stuff, or none of this you know, these pyramid schemes or anything like that, nothing like that. [00:22:09] We want real genuine. Businesses that, you know, people who want to start real genuine businesses. And even if you don't have a business idea, right. Come in the group because there's lots of ways that you can start your business without actually owning any products or services yourself, things that you can think about to identify what product and service you want to sell. [00:22:26] How are you going to get it, and then be able to offer that to your customers of the future. Okay. And of course, like I said before, if you want to follow me and my personal account, you can visit, my Instagram is @AaronHenray that's AaronHenray. And I'm looking forward to seeing you on a webinar or the next episode of this podcast. [00:22:47] And if there's anything you want to get involved in, any, if there's any topics you want me to cover, put it in the group, I'd be more than happy to take a look at that for you. And yeah, hopefully we will have that in a future episode for you.  


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