17 August 2021

the best long term strategy to consistently get new customers visiting your website (and it isn’t Facebook ads!)

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In this episode Aaron shares his top online marketing strategy that will drive consistent traffic to your website and why Facebook ads are NOT the answer to getting consistent clients for a new online business website.

Aaron does interrupt this episode to make an important announcement and apologises for not including this critical information in the original recording.

In This Episode…

* Aaron’s #1 online marketing mix strategy and why it’s so effective.

* The 3-pronged bulletproof marketing strategy for any new online startup.

* Why Facebook ads are not there to generate direct customers for MOST new website owners and why you shouldn’t ignore more effective online strategies that are easily available to you!

* How to use remarketing & retargeting ads effectively.

Plus more… so grab a coffee, listen in and stay tuned!


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Podcast Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: So you want to know the best online marketing strategy that will keep getting customers visiting your website for the longterm? Now I'm Aaron Henriques. I'm an entrepreneur and online startup coach from the United Kingdom. Now I've been doing business online for a couple of decades now, but I'm going to share with you what I've learned, particularly over the last decade of online business in lots of different strategies that I've tested and share with you. What my number one strategy is. That's so powerful that I even set up a company to do it just because of it. Now, before I get started, I just want to make this very clear because I'm not even going to go into it. [00:00:43] It is not Facebook ads, people. It is not Facebook ads. Okay. Facebook is something that is very powerful and can be used in certain ways, which I will explain briefly in this one, in this episode here, but Facebook is not the everything, lots of new businesses. They go straight to Facebook. They'll boost the post and they'll get nothing in return from it. [00:01:12] The only thing is there are people that learn from that earn from that is Facebook. Okay. So here's the thing with Facebook ads, I'm going to get straight into it. Okay. And you're going to, you're going to get this. So the thing with Facebook ads is first of all, they are disruption ads. They are display ads. [00:01:34] They are there to be shown to people who have shown an interest in a particular thing. Now it doesn't mean that they're actively looking for that thing. Now how many times have you been on Facebook or one of their partner sites? And you've seen these display ads come up and you just go flying straight past because you're not looking for that right now. [00:01:58] That's not your purpose of being there. Okay. It's very rare for me to actually click on a Facebook ad and perhaps, you know, you're one of the same type of people, but if you are running Facebook ads, the likelihood is the strong likelihood is if you're putting £5 or £10 a day, Even if you're putting a £100 a day, you know, if you're throwing out $100 a day, you know, for the American audience, the likelihood is you're still not even reaching probably 10% of the potential audience on Facebook who are showing interest in what it is that you're trying to target for. [00:02:36] Okay. There's so many people on Facebook. There's so many people interested in whatever product or service that you're selling that you'll never know. Going to, or highly unlikely to ever have the budget, particularly if you're just starting out to be able to reach those people. Okay. So that's why I wouldn't recommend Facebook ads. [00:02:58] It's not, I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend Facebook ads, but not in the way that most people are using them. And I'm going to go over that a bit later to tell you how Facebook ads should be used when you're just starting out online. Now the thing is when you're searching on, when you're running your ads on Facebook, and if that's the only place you're putting your money, your marketing budget, whatever it is, you know, if you've got £1000 a month marketing budget and you're sticking that all into Facebook. [00:03:24] Yeah. You'll make some money probably as long as your campaign set up. Right. And you're not just boosting your posts. If you're doing a proper campaign setup. Then yeah, you may make some money. Okay. But what you're ignoring is something that's a lot of, a lot more powerful than that. And that is for the thousands and thousands of people, probably tens of thousands of people around the world who are searching for your products and services, who are actively looking for your products and services right now. [00:03:55] And where do they go? They go places like Google, Bing Yahoo. Okay. Search engine. If people are typing in, I don't know. What could you sell if you, if you make plant pots, you know, these craft plant parts? I don't know why plant pots. My plant looks like it needs a plant pot, so yeah, let's talk about plant. [00:04:14] So have you sell Kraft plant pots on line? Okay. Or perhaps you are. Providing fitness services online. Let's say you're an online fitness coach. Let's go down that way, actually. So if someone is actively going online, searching for "online fitness coach near me", or "online fitness coach in London" or "online fitness coach UK", something like that. [00:04:44] Okay. And you're not showing up there then that's a problem. So you think I'm going to say Google ads, right? Okay. You think that obviously Google ads is great because that will show your ad to people who are actively searching for your products and services. Now, the thing is with Google ads, they are way more expensive than Facebook ads. [00:05:08] Okay. You pay per click. As opposed to how many impressions on Facebook so on Google, you're going to pay per click. And if you haven't set up your campaign, right, you know, you could be paying extortionate amounts for a click, but let's just say, for example, it was £2 a click, the, that you had as the online fitness coach. [00:05:27] And let's say your budget was 10 pounds a day. How many people does that mean can visit your website per day? So if you've, if you've only got like a £10 a day budget, but you're £2 a click, you've got five people. You've got a five people per day who can reach you. If your budget was £20 a day, then you've got 10 people per day who's going to find your website.  [00:05:53] Okay. And some of them may convert, but lots of them won't, now if you're running, even if you're running at £50 a day, 50 pounds a day. Okay. You're still only going to have a very small portion of people who are actively searching for you, finding your website every day. [00:06:13] Okay. A very small portion, because you could have a thousand people running those search terms that are interested in the, that you're interested in. You know, the people who are searching for certain key phrases, there could be a thousand of them. There could be 10,000 of them per day. Okay. It depends on your industry. [00:06:31] It depends what you're doing, but there could literally be thousands and thousands of thousands that you're missing out because your budget is only going to allow for you to get five people, 10 people, 25 people per day, who are actually going to click through to your website. Okay. And there's no guarantee of, of anyone buying, of course ever. [00:06:53] It doesn't matter what strategy you're using. There's no guarantee of anything like that. Okay. But the problem is. Is when you're using such, you know, when you've got such small budgets that you're running and you're dealing with such small numbers, it's easy for you to think, well, this doesn't work. [00:07:09] Facebook ads don't work or Google ads don't work or whatever, but that's not necessarily the case. So here's the thing. So imagine you're, you know, if you can only get five customers per day or 10, sorry, they're not customers guys there, they are. People searching for you who have clicked. Some of these people will click they'll look at your, your page for literally two or three seconds, and then they're off somewhere else already. [00:07:34] Okay. So if you've, if you think about that and how many people that equates to over a month, that's not that many people. So if I said to you that last month, okay. Just last month. And I've had a look at my stats before I come here. Just last month, I had 117 clients who tried to actually book a cleaner from my cleaning company online. [00:08:04] Okay. So if I was running just Google ads, imagine how much money it would have cost me. Imagine how much it would have cost me to get 117 clients, but let's say it was 117 visitors and a hundred percent then converted, which is definitely not the case. [00:08:26] You know, you could run a 5% conversion rate for, for a lot of websites that you can book a service online. It could be a 1% conversion rate. Okay. You're not going to get a hundred percent conversion rate, not for a paying customer. Okay. So I had 117 who tried to book when I say tried to book is because we've run out of staff. [00:08:47] We got no more staff left, but wouldn't, you rather have the problem of far too many clients trying to book with you than not enough clients trying to book with you? Which problem would you rather have? I know what I'd rather have. I'd rather have too many clients. Okay. So how did I do that? It wasn't through ads. [00:09:09] Okay. When I say, when I say it wasn't through ads, it wasn't through Facebook ads. It wasn't through google pay per click ads for the search. It wasn't through that. What it was through was through the organic listing that we have on Google. So if you're, if you happen to be in one of my areas and you typed in house cleaner or domestic cleaner or anything like that, My company comes up first that doesn't come up first on the ads because we don't run them. [00:09:39] So it doesn't come up in the well, very rarely we'd run them. It doesn't come up in the top three position. So you've probably seen that when you've searched on Google online, you've probably seen the top free. The top three listings are normally, always, sorry. So when you see those ads, it says ad next to it. [00:09:55] Now the thing is with those ads is it's a stat that remains to, you know, true to today. 70% of people will go straight past those ads and never click on them. Okay. And they'll go straight to the top three organic listings. Okay. Because people trust the organic listings more because they're seen as being more authentic. [00:10:17] You know, they, they know that companies, if they're at a top of the organic list, They've had to work hard to get there versus someone who's paid, you know, a couple of pounds to be on top of the listing. So a lot of people will just ignore the ad and they'll go straight to the organic. Okay. So how do you get there though? [00:10:42] Okay. Because when you're a brand new website, Know, if you throw up a brand new website and you're in the online fitness space, because we've spoken about that, let's forget the plant pots guys. That was a stupid idea. I don't even deal with like online e-commerce type things anyway, but let's, let's forget about the plant plots. [00:10:58] We'll deal with the online fitness coaching space right now. So imagine how many online fitness coaches there are out there. Thousands and thousands of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions around the world who are all trying to, you know, get noticed by, by their, you know, by an audience. [00:11:18] And they're all trying to do there. You know, that, that Instagram posts and boosting Facebook posts and all sorts of stuff like that. There's lots of them that do that. And then you'll get the top performers, the very, very top performers, the ones who get the most traffic, the ones who charge the most as well. [00:11:38] They are the ones who are showing up on top of Google or Yahoo or Bing search results. Okay. We'll stick to Google because Google pretty much dominates all search traffic. It's just the fact, you know, if you, if you're top on Google, you're pretty much okay everywhere else. So how do they get there now? That is through having SEO search engine optimization. [00:12:04] That is how my company stays on top. Okay. That's what I've worked on for years now, but it didn't take years to get there., it took a while to get there. And now it's just maintained. We maintain our position at the top. Okay. And by maintaining our position at the top, always in the top three, we're always looking at keeping ourselves in the top three positions for organic searches, you know, in our area that we want to cover. [00:12:32] That means that we get consistent traffic, consistent visitors. Thousands of visitors every single month visiting my website, just through Google.  [00:12:45] So SEO is the most effective for sure. A hundred percent hands down, you know, is the most effective. The downside of SEO is it does take time to build up. Okay. It's it's not an overnight process. You can't just throw up a new website and switch, switch SEO on, and then suddenly you've got tons of clients coming over. [00:13:06] If you could, then you would, you know, everyone would be doing that. If you, if that's what you could do, everyone would be doing it. Now. Here's the thing we live in this current society of everyone wants, you know, things now. But in fact they want it yesterday. They want instant on demand. Okay. People are not prepared. [00:13:27] Most people, most of your competitors, most of your competition, particularly those who are just starting out are not prepared to invest in SEO. And that's because it does take time. They will not get instant results. If anyone tells you different, they are lying to you. It will not get you instant or even quick results. [00:13:49] SEO is not the strategy to be getting clients immediately when you've just started your website. Okay. Now the thing is with SEO is a lot of people don't understand what it is. Okay. Search engine optimization. It is organic because it's organic. It has to be implemented in a particular way. Now, SEO is not just throwing up a blog on your website. [00:14:15] It is not that. Okay. In fact, the majority of SEO work that we do, as I said, I set up a company in it because it's so effective. Okay. Yes. My company does also do Facebook ads and Google ads. It has done, we don't like doing them. We do them occasionally for some clients. You know, we're particularly if they've got a brand new, fresh website. [00:14:35] Yeah. But for, for most people just focus on the SEO side and the majority of SEO work is got nothing to do with your website. Not directly. It's about going out there and getting quality backlinks. Back to your website. We do a lot of outreach. Okay. We, you know, it takes experts, multiple people in our team to work on one website. [00:15:02] Okay. Let's get that link built in strategy. So that link building strategy. Correct. Okay. And not using spammy links because you'll see lots of people out there who will, you know, you'll see. There's a lot of companies from abroad. Where they will say, we'll get you 10,000 backlinks for like $50 or something like that. [00:15:21] And I'm not lying to you quite often. You know, a lot of the time they will do that. They will do that for you. But what does it do for you and your site now? It doesn't really do that much. It's not great for you. And when we come across clients like that, we end up having to get all of those stripped. And that's because they're doing no benefit for you at all. [00:15:41] And in fact, previously what used to happen and we've had clients in the past where this did happen is Google used to just strip you out of there. You know, if they, if they saw you using spammy, fake backlinks that were irrelevant. Now Google used to strip you out of their search engine full stop. Like it didn't even exist. [00:16:02] Okay. They don't, they don't do that so much now. Or if, if it's, so I've not heard of it for while. But it still doesn't. Do you any good? Okay. So you've just given away $50. You've done more damage than good. Google is going to show you a lot lower in the search results than you otherwise would. Now, if you are the type of person who, if you're starting out your business and you know that you want to have a business for the, long-term a sustainable business for the longterm. [00:16:33] You've got an important decision to make from the very, very beginning, because a lot of people, what they're interested in is that instant gratification, that instant results, and then not doing, they're not thinking about their long-term strategies. Now. We've all heard of the story of the, you know, the tortoise and the Hare who wins the race, you know, taught to sprint. [00:16:52] It taught to sprint off the half sprints off, but then gets tired or whatever happens to the hare. Yeah. Whatever happens to it. I can't remember. But anyway, that the tortoise just continues pulling along and beats the hare okay. That is what happens as well online. Now I mentioned earlier that the majority of your competitors will not be implementing SEO strategies. [00:17:17] And this is why it's so powerful right now. Okay. Because you can overtake people. Who've been in the game for years. When I started up my cleaning company in a couple of areas that I work in now that there were companies there that had been around for, you know, 10, 20 years before I even started, you know, they had their website they're established and stuff like that. [00:17:39] And you might think, well, how am I ever going to overtake them? Well, it was fairly easy to be honest with you. You know, it took about nine months for, for lots of our key words to get up. And to overtake these people. We now outgrown them. We get way more customers than they could. We know that because of the amount of traffic we get versus what is actually searched for in the areas. [00:18:01] And it's just, you know, we've always got a waiting list and I'd rather that I would rather that than the other way round. You're reliant on just ads, like paid ads and when your budget runs out, it's gone. So now's the time for you. If you're setting up a brand new website to put in a marketing strategy, a marketing mix. [00:18:23] So what should you do now? And I'm going to go back to Facebook and Google ads now because they do play a part. Okay. They do play a part. So if you are that person with a brand new website, okay. You've set up your brand new company. You've got a brand new website. Here's what I would do and what I would highly recommend anyone I work with that they do. [00:18:48] Okay. So the first thing is get your SEO set up. Okay. And I'm not saying that because I've got an SEO company. SEO is probably the least profitable part of all the services that I offer in that, in that company, just because it takes actual human time, you know, and regularly, consistently taking up time outreach work that has to be done the amount of, you know, liaising with other website owners to try and get your link onto their site and having to pay out for that. [00:19:18] And whatever, you know, the margins in SEO are pretty low. Okay. Compared to. Running a Google ad campaign or a Facebook ads campaign, you know, once we've done the initial setup part, a lot of it just maintaining it doesn't take that much. It doesn't take as much work particularly with Facebook campaigns. [00:19:35] And it's just something where, you know, if I was looking at just making money guys, you know, if I was going to be selling to you, I'd be selling you all day long, set up a Facebook campaign with us guys, you know, happily do that. So here's what I would say to do you start your SEO immediately and just, just understand that for the next 12 months, you're not relying on that to get customers. [00:20:03] Okay. You probably will. By the way, you probably will, you will start to see some of your key words. Particularly, you know, it depends on the SEO company that you go with, then the strategy that they impose, it depends on your, your budget and the amount of SEO work that you can get done for you. Okay. I would highly recommend you allow some professional companies to do that rather than trying to work it out yourself because you're going to spend a whole heap of time on trying to work it out and you're not going to get it. [00:20:31] And then eventually you'll end up having to go to the company anyway, or just forget about it completely. Okay. So forget about it for 12 months. Some of the long tail key words, which are kind of like ones where they're not so competitive where there might be a lot fewer people who search for them, but we can get you showing as number one for those. [00:20:50] You might only be a couple of hundred people searching a month, but we can get you showing, you know, all a hundred of those, you know, within, within a short period of time. Whereas the more competitive keywords in your space may take longer. It may take a year. Yeah. A year and a half. Okay. It could be that long, but once you're there, trust me the results are worth it. [00:21:13] So get your SEO in place immediately. The next thing, Google ads. Okay. Now I say, go for Google ads because yes, it's more expensive. We all know that, but it's so much more powerful. People are active searching for you. So you're going to be showing as long as your campaign is set up. And it, again, it depends. [00:21:35] If you can afford a company who, who knows how to set up a campaign correctly, because Google ads are notoriously difficult to set up and structure correctly. Okay. I say correctly, they will have you believe with their online tool. You can just set up a campaign it's, they're designed to cost you money. [00:21:56] You will throw away your money to Google and Facebook. If you don't know what you're doing. Okay, so set up your Google ads campaign for direct clients with direct leads and for retargeting. So retargeting is kind of like, I'm sure you've been online where you've been on a website or you've even spoken about something in a room to your friends. [00:22:17] Then all of a sudden you get this company that will. Be following you around everywhere. Everywhere you go online, you'll start seeing ads from this company. That is what I use Google ads for today. So we get the people visiting through the SEO for the organic stuff, which is by far the cheapest way and longterm way. [00:22:38] It doesn't ever turn off. You know, there's no budget linked to SEO. It doesn't turn off if 10,000 people, for some reason, searched for my services today. In the areas that I want to cover, then I would show to all 10,000. Okay. All of them. Versus if your ad, you know, if you had an ad, you know, 10 pounds a day or 50 pounds a day, you would show until enough people have clicked where your budget runs out and then you stop showing. [00:23:12] So you might miss 9,500 people that you would never get shown to. So re-targeting ads, it's that thing where it follows you around. Okay. So someone visits our website what would then happen as long as they're in our catchment area? [00:23:27] Okay. You know, we're not, we're not retargeting people that are not potential customers for us. As long as they are in our catchment area, because we're a local company The ads will follow them around the internet on Google. So anywhere like on Google's infrastructure or also Google partner websites. [00:23:43] And there's, I think there's literally hundreds of thousands of those. Your ad will be shown to these people. Okay. And then the next one is Facebook ads as well for retargeting and brand awareness, not for trying to drive, you know, not for trying to capture new people who don't know about you really it's for retargeting. [00:24:04] That's what we use it for. To repeat again, people that visit our website will be, we want to follow them around. So Google and Facebook together control a significant portion of the online ad space. Okay. So we can follow these people around all over the place, whether it's on the apps that they use on their phone, if they're reading the news you know, if they're on Facebook or on Instagram or, you know, on, on so many different sites that we can just follow them around. [00:24:30] All over the place. Okay. And that's just there to remind people, Hey, you visited our website, remember us? Okay. Cause people will forget, you know, if, if you left it as people search for you, they click on your ad. They may have found you. And then later on that day, you know, they've completely forgotten what your company was called. [00:24:48] They might've loved you later on that day. People, you know, they're not going to be that bothered. Actively search you out. They will just search again. And they might click on another company, which was a different one. And then they ended up buying from them. So we don't want that to happen. What we want to do is we want to follow them around, let remind them who we are and try to encourage them back to the website so that they can buy from us and not one of our competitors. [00:25:12] Okay. So that is what retargeting ads are. So that's what I recommend. If you're a brand new website, what to do, get your SEO started up immediately. Understand that you need to just set and forget for about 12 months. That is not going to be the main part of your strategy today, but in 12 months time, okay. [00:25:32] Year and a half time, that is where the majority of your customers will be coming from. But for today you need customers. You need money coming in. So the next thing would be Google ads for clients. So people searching for you because you're not going to come up organically yet. You still need to be showing to them for people who are actively looking for your products and services. [00:25:54] So we're going to get those Google ads on and also set up a retargeting campaign to follow them around. You don't have to click on your ad, visit your website and disappear. They might've got distracted. You don't know you want to follow them around. And those retargeting ads are super cheap, super, super cheap. [00:26:12] Okay. I'm talking like they could be a fifth of the cost attempt for the cost of a normal clicks. Okay. They're literally super duper cheap because you're retargeting people who visited your site already. Okay. It doesn't rely on them searching again and Facebook ads for retargeting and brand awareness. [00:26:32] That's it. That's my strategies that I would say you implement into your online business. If you're starting out today, now you can do all of those things on your own. Okay, you can do all of those things on your own. Or you can look for a company who does SEO or who does Google ads or who does Facebook ads. [00:26:53] Now there are some companies where they will only do SEO like mine predominantly. We don't advertise other stuff just because it's not, it's not what you want to focus on. I know that SEO is the most powerful strategy there, but for some new companies, we will help them. As long as they've got a large enough budget for ads for Facebook ads and Google ads. And actually I'll probably do another episode on that because your £5 a day won't won't really do much now on particularly if you're, if you're just running a Facebook ad, it's not going to do that much. People will tell you different. I can tell you now we've run a lot of campaigns. [00:27:27] Hey guys, sorry for the interruption. Is Aaron from the future here. I don't normally do this I put cost, but it's something that I think needs to be said because I've heard it quite a lot on clubhouse where there seems to be something going around where someone's saying about spend a thousand pounds or a thousand dollars in one day on Facebook ads. [00:27:50] Um, too. understand if your ad is going to work and sort of get it out there. And well, whatever is being said, I don't know who it's coming from, but I'm telling you now that is a extremely bad strategy. Okay. If you spent a thousand, Facebook would easily spend a thousand pounds in one day and you may get very little back from it. [00:28:12] It's far better for you to have your budget going over a consistent period of time. Okay. Cause your ads, if you look at the amount of times it will show you the frequency. It shows, uh, to any individual person now with your ad, as you may have heard before, sometimes people need to see an ad five to seven times or have touch points five to seven times before they would even click on you. [00:28:37] Um, and that's over a period of time. If you are doing that just in one day, it's unlikely you're going to get the same results. [00:28:44] It's also possible that. You may find, as I have found in the past where you're driving traffic to your site, and there could be something wrong on your site that you haven't noticed. Now, if you've spent a thousand pounds in a day.  [00:29:02] And you've driven a ton of traffic. Let's say, let's say you have managed to drive a ton of traffic. To your website. But part of your funnel is broken. And you may not know about it because the people are unlikely to tell you okay. i've had something broken on my site recently for a while. and nobody said Until one of my customers finally told me And then we fixed it But this can happen And you will not know about it. if You're driving So much traffic so quickly to your website On a £1000 budget. It's a crazy strategy i don't know who's thought it up but it's extremely high risk for you To implement a strategy like that And the other important thing here is that the way Facebook run your ad budgets and optimize your ads based on a £1000 a day budget as compared with a £5 or £10 or £50 a day budget, they're very, very different things and you will have very different results. So please, I urge you, I don't know where it's come from. Do not. If you are hearing this ridiculous strategy of spending a thousand dollars in a day, do not do it. Yeah. That's something. That's the only reason why I've interrupted this podcast. [00:30:30] Um, because I've heard it so much now I'm going to carry on. You can go back to the original podcasts where it was at sorry for the interruption, but it's a really important point that I didn't actually cover. [00:30:41] So here's where I left off. Talking about seo and facebook ads. enjoy [00:30:48] Aaron Henriques: It doesn't work. Okay. You need a, you need a larger budget than that, but yeah, so that, that, that's it really? So. Facebook is not everything guys and girls, you know, if you started out online, you want to make use of the best and most effective way to be found by your customers and get above your competitors. [00:31:11] And that is not through running Facebook ads, that is not through just running Google ads. Okay. That is through SEO. So if you want to learn more about SEO, now, what you can do is you can follow me on Instagram. So it's Aaron Henriques, but you can because no one knows how spelled spell my name. My Instagram tag is actually AaronHenray. [00:31:33] That's @AaronHenray that's AaronHenray. And you can DM me the word SEO. And what I'll actually do is I will generate a report for you. Okay. We can, we can have a chat about your SEO on your site. We'll generate a report for you so that you can see where your SEO is at now on, on your on-page SEO is at now, and also would tell you a bit about how the off page strategies that we can implement can really help you out. [00:32:10] Okay. So if you want to do that, DM me on Instagram, you need to follow me first or your message will get filtered out. So follow me on Instagram. It's AaronHenray, that's AaronHenray. And send me the message. S E O. SEO for search engine optimization. And I'll be more than happy to share some information with you about what it can do for your website. [00:32:37] Now, SEO, isn't just for new websites. It's for anyone who's been around for a while, even. You know, if you've had a website for years, but you're not really getting much from it. Okay. It's probably just because you're not being found by your customers on Google. That that's as simple as it is. There is no, there is no other mystery to it. [00:32:54] It's pretty simple. Once you understand it, once you get it and how it see how powerful it is, you never look back. Okay. I never did. That's why I set up a company to do it just because of how powerful it is. Yeah. So that's it for today. You know, if you want to reach out to me about anything else to do with online business, or if you're interested in a certain topic, perhaps there's something that you are expert in and you'd like to come on this podcast again, get in contact with me, go onto my Instagram is AaronHenray I'm on Instagram. [00:33:28] Follow me there, send me a message. Send me a DM I'm more than happy to have a chat with you and see how we can sort of collaborate and work together. [00:33:36] Now, hopefully this was helpful for you. And I'm going to ask you if you can do just one thing for me, just one thing. And that one thing I would ask you for today would be to open up your podcast app right now, while you're there. So if you're an apple, if you're using apple iTunes, okay. Open up your podcast app. [00:34:01] Go on to the, just doing it podcast page. So where you found this episode from scroll down and then you'll see under my reviews, under my reviews, there will be something that says, write a review. If you could tap on that and just leave a review about this episode or another episode that you liked.. I'd love a five star review. [00:34:28] If you're not happy to give a five star review, please don't leave ones. Please just message me instead. See how we can improve things for you for next time. Okay. But if you're happy to leave me a five star review, if this has been helpful for you, go and leave a five star review, leave a few comments on there about what, you know, what you've taken away from this episode or any other episodes that you've listened to in the past. [00:34:50] Okay. And the reason why I'm asking you to do that is because. At the moment, you know, there are fewer people being able to be reached than otherwise could be. And that's because effectively the more reviews you get, the more listeners you get on apple, that's just how it works. It's sort of like their own SEO in a way. [00:35:12] So I want to try and get this out to more people because there's a lot more people like you, who could do with hearing this information today. And they. Cannot find it yet. So if you wouldn't mind leave a review and if you want to, take a screenshot of your review and DM me a copy or put it up on your story and tag me and I'll share that as well. [00:35:33] Okay. More than happy to have a chat, more than happy to collaborate and more than happy to share you as well. So until next time I'm Aaron Henriques and take care.  


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