1 July 2022

Outsourcing: Why VA’s & Freelancers Will Help You Grow Your Business Fast

Entrepreneurs who try to do everything themselves to save a bit of money, burn out and risk a failed business if they fail to outsource tasks to staff, freelancers and virtual assistants. 

Discover exactly how having help in your business can make you happier and boost your business profits at the same time.

Learn why outsourcing is the way to grow your business in 2022.



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00:00 – Fact or Myth: New Entrepreneurs Should Do Everything?

00:49 – Why You’ll Probably Be Terrible at Doing EVERYTHING Yourself

01:09 – The Essential Skills of an Entrepreneur

01:36 – VA’s and Outsourcing – The Stress-Free Way to Get the Job Done

01:57 – Full-Time Staff or Freelancers?

02:15 – How To Find A Freelancer – Ways to Get The Best Expert

02:36 – Outsourcing: Why It Will Be The Best Investment For Your Business

03:00 – How to Stop Resenting Your Business and Love it

03:30 – Virtual Assistants: What To Outsource & What Not To

04:18 – How Much Does It Cost to Outsource to Freelancers & Virtual Assistants?

05:04 – Outsourcing for Business – How It Can Speed Up Your Growth

05:24 – Freelancing vs. Virtual Assistants: Which One is Better For YOU?

05:50 – 5 Reasons to Outsource to Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

05:58 – Managing Without a Business Partner – Tips to Keep Your Life in Balance

06:30 – How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Cost?

06:42 – Why Your Business Needs to be Known, Liked and Trusted

06:53 – How To Become A Better Leader Without Any Experience


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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques: If you're an entrepreneur or thinking about being an entrepreneur, then you are already busy stressing yourself out, thinking you have to do everything else yourself. And it just simply isn't true. So I'm going to share why I've become an expert outsourcing delegation machine. So listening. [00:00:47] So learning new skills are great. But the chances are, if you try to do everything yourself, like a lot of people try to do, then you're probably going to be about mediocre at best with all the things that you need to learn. So people think it's easy, but. When you're starting a business among many other things, you need to become a web developer, a digital marketer, an SEO expert, copywriter, graphic designer, customer services, agent, a salesperson, an accountant, a lawyer, and a list goes on. [00:01:20] You don't need to stress yourself out like this. It' something that most people do try and do they try and save some money because they don't wanna pay for other experts to get involved in their business to help it grow. But I have found that using virtual assistants and freelancers on places like fiber.com cool answering services, marketing experts, outsourcing it literally frees up so much of your time so that you can get on with the most important tasks in your business where you add the most value. [00:01:57] And you don't need full-time staff. You don't need to have a payroll at all. You don't need anyone. You could just get freelancers who will just do work as, and when you want them to you can get VAs. You can, like I said, you can go on five.com. I leave I've left the link in the show notes. [00:02:15] Because fiber.com it has so many different types of freelancers out there from all sorts of GA graphic design, video, editing, podcast, editing. Anything you can think of is out there like digital marketing, SEO stuff, everything. So click on that link and that will take you over to fiber, but other companies as well, think about other companies that are out there literally. [00:02:39] Like, if you want a Google ads campaign, go to a marketing company, go to an SEO company or whatever to get what it is that you need service wise, because they'll probably do a better job, which will lead to better results. It frees up your time to be more creative and progress the business forward. [00:02:57] And that's really what you want. You want a progressive You want a progressive, profitable business that you can go with for the long run and not actually start to resent, because if you're doing everything, carrying all that weight in your shoulders, trying. Do absolutely everything yourself. [00:03:16] You'll start to resent it, particularly when you start seeing you're not making as much money as you originally for and all this work, is it really worth it? Well, if you were outsourcing your stuff, you probably wouldn't feel like that. Trust me. So my aim personally is any task that I find myself doing again and again, I kind of think, like, could I train someone to do this in like a couple of minutes or a couple of hours? [00:03:42] Even a couple of days. And if the answer is yes, generally speaking, I will just outsource it. So it's to my VA or to like someone else on my team, it's I will outsource it. I'll get rid of it. If it's a company, I've, I do marketing myself. I know how to do it. I've been doing it for many years online in Google ads, SEO, stuff like that. [00:04:03] But for my websites and that I actually pay another company to do it for me, because I don't want to be doing it. I don't want to be doing this monotonous task that I can pay someone else to do. And it frees up my time to do other stuff like this podcast. So you might be thinking, well, Aaron, that's good for you, but I can't afford to outsource well, can you afford not to outsource that sounds like such a shit question to throw back at you. [00:04:31] Right? But it is true. Can you actually afford not to outsource? If you are stuck trying to do everything and you are doing everything like halfheartedly, you don't really have a successful business. Imagine how much more successful your business could be. If you could pay someone, an expert who is much better at that task than you. [00:04:54] who can just go ahead and do that and take care of that while you are off doing something else, that's more important to grow your business. Imagine how much further ahead you could be by doing that. Now it took me a while to learn, to just pay money out for people to do stuff. But when you start to learn that you start to see the results and I've been growing like that. [00:05:13] Because it's been, it's a curve that's going like that more steep, more steep because I'm actually outsourcing now and I'm getting other people involved in my businesses getting on with a task. And to be honest with you, little secret, a lot of them do it way better than I ever would because one they're just greater there and. [00:05:35] I find it so boring that I just do a crappy job anyway. So whatever you'll probably find people are better than you and you want better people than you in your business anyway. Right? Cause you want people who can do a fantastic blinding job. So. Outsourcing saves, not just time, but also money. It generates more sales and it makes things more efficient for you. [00:05:59] And it brings other creative ideas into the business. So if you don't have a business partner, this is great because if you give a task to someone. They start thinking of other better ways that they can create that task or completely new direction that you never even thought about. And that can be great, cuz you don't have a business partner, but you've got someone you've outsourced it to who's coming out of all these creative ideas and it's helping your business. [00:06:24] Imagine that how good is that it's helping your business and you are just paying them, whatever it is, an hour, $10 an hour, $15 an hour, whatever it is. It's gonna be worth a lot more in the long run to you. And now trust me, it worked for me. It can work for you too. You just need to discover that business at its very core. [00:06:47] It's all about that connection. No like, and trust factor, if you have, you had that before people have got to know like, and trust you before they buy from you. And that's the same with your staff, your staff have to believe in you. They have to believe that you have the skills that it takes to be a leader. [00:07:04] For them to follow you and that's, it comes down to basic bring business. basic business principles. Get your words down. So click on this video right here. About the five skills you need to start a business. And even if you already started the business, these are the fundamentals that will transform your business going forward. [00:07:27] And remember, opportunity awaits us all. You've just got to go out there and take it. So until next time I'm Aaron Henriques take.


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