14 June 2021

My Online Startup Client Smashes Sales Goal To Over £12k Per Month In Just 5 Months

Listen to how a client went from Zero £££ in his online startup business as a first-time entrepreneur to over £12k per month in just 5 months selling products with a brand new website on Shopify after working with Aaron Henriques and implementing following the proven strategies Aaron teaches. 


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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques: [00:00:00] one of my online startup clients smashed their first year goals, in just 5 months. And that was going from zero to over 12 K per month. And their first year goal was by the end of the first year to only hit 10 K. So they smashed that in just five months. Now I'm Aaron Henriques your online startup coach. [00:00:21] And today is all just about sharing. A story of the success of a client of mine I've worked with to help him reach his goals. Now, first of all, if you're not already go on to Instagram, open up your mobile phone, get onto Instagram and follow me. It's @AaronHenray then hit the subscribe button, you know, so that you're getting any of the sort of posts or any updates that are coming out on my platform over to you, as soon as they come out. [00:00:51] Now I'll get into this, you know, because. All the coaching I do is, you know, all the help that I give other entrepreneurs is to help them sort of, you know, plan starts and scale their own online businesses, you know, from, you know, fresh entrepreneurs to those who are more experienced. And back in February, this year, I was contacted by a complete stranger. [00:01:11]I'd never actually heard from him before, never heard of him before. And he created an online startup business on Shopify and he was selling physical products. And the problem was is that he hadn't been able to get many sales on his own, despite spending, you know, a small fortune on trying absolutely everything. [00:01:32] You know, that thing where you've done everything apart from that one thing that actually works for you, now, he'd spent a ton of money and he had a very, very short runway of money left and. After that he'd be flat broke and he'd have to go back to his job, you know, basically that's how, that's how realistic it was for him. [00:01:50] Just like, you know, most, you know, most people I speak to when they're starting out, it's the similar sort of story, you know, and with that limited startup budget remaining, he had no previous business experience and realizing that it's not just as easy as a lot of people think to just start your own online business. [00:02:10] And, you know, think people think if you just put it up. Suddenly you get this magic flow of customers that just come to you. It just doesn't work like that. But he, he realized that, and it, all the stuff he'd been trying, hadn't worked and he needed to get credit. You know, he needed a loan to have to pay for my services and also to implement the strategies because they're not cheap as well. [00:02:32]And despite being. You know, a sizable sort of investment for his business and I guess risk as well, you know, in terms of money and also trust in me to help him succeed in sort of reaching those consistent sales each month. And let's just, I'll just raise a point how not a sales coach, but it just comes into the whole startup process, the, you know, having those right sales strategies in place. [00:02:57] But anyway, you know, he decided to take the plunge and. He invested to get help from me with his thoughts up, you know, before he ended up going bust, because that's what would have happened. Now, if I'm honest here, if I'm really honest, sometimes when I get someone like that who is literally using every last penny of their money investing in me and the ideas I give to them. [00:03:22] That consent a bit of a shiver up my spine, because if it's student wide account for them, they've lost everything. You know what I mean? But when I start seeing their results and seeing how they're improving, as long as the people are doing what I'm asking them to do, and they're seeing the results improving, then I'm, then I'm happy. [00:03:41] Well at first, definitely things were a bit slow because we had to change everything he was doing. And I reassured him, you know, it was like, you know, this is pretty normal guy. I'm not gonna tell you his name. This is pretty normal. While he had, you know, why he adjust his business to the new way of working. [00:03:56] And I know that a point came where he felt like he'd made a bad investment in me and. I know that because he told me, so he gave me a call me up one day and he was like, you know, Hey, like what's going on? You know, I thought I'd be further ahead by now sort of thing. This is only like a couple of weeks in, I think he was, you know, sort of getting a bit desperate, seeing his cash flow and sort of like thinking I'm going to run out of money really quick. [00:04:27] So who do I blame? But, you know, he came to meet late in the day, but I reassured him, you know, across our calls and to help him with the, you know, multiple strategies that we put in place. And that we've all the strategies that I said we put in place. And, you know, we, we tweaked those plans. We looked at the data, we started tweaking the. [00:04:46] You know how things were being, how being things were being done. And he kept doing what he needed to do. And that was a really important thing. He kept doing it. It didn't just give up and think, oh, I'm going to save my last two pennies that I've got left, you know? And thankfully for him that he did because less than five months in we're lots of changes, advice implementing multiple digital marketing strategies. [00:05:11] He's made a whopping £58,000 . Okay. That's over 12 grand a month on average, and just a few months. Now, the thing is, remember I said he wanted, after 12 months, he wanted it to be hitting the 10 K a month. You know, £10k a month in sales. And even then he wasn't sure that that was actually realistic to do. [00:05:33] Okay. So he's managed to on average, do 12 K a month in the first five months working with me. So the stout, the cells that started to come in and, you know, they've, they've started to come in and they're of an ever increasing price and that is continuing to grow even now. You know, he's now getting like that referral recognition and stuff like that, and not just from the online strategies, but now this is now going offline and testimonials and stuff like that. [00:05:57] Right. So this may never happen for him. Okay. Because he could. He could have continued on his own. And, you know, he could have tried to keep working out for himself. Like, you know, maybe you've done that yourself and it, and it still hasn't worked out and he could have continued to waste every , single, you know, every single last penny that he had doing things that just don't work because what he was doing, wasn't going to work and. [00:06:26] He wanted to grow his online business, but he could have, he could have kept doing that. He could have been like investing in sort of help from people who know what they're doing. You know, it's a lot of money. Well, maybe I'll just try and work it out myself and spend the last of my money, trying to do that. [00:06:41] He could have done that and he could have given up altogether and just gone back to his day job right now. He knew where he wanted to be and he knew he needed the help. To get there. He needed to be sort of put on a path and shown, you know, which direction to going. Cause it can be really tough. You know, when you're doing this on your own, particularly when you're starting up on, you know, an online business or any business on your own, it can be so tough. [00:07:08] You know, you haven't got cash for staff and even if you do have the cash for staff, you know, they're not as invested as you, not all staff, some, some really take it personally, but they're not as invested as you. Yeah, you're completely invested in your own online business and you need that to work because most of us haven't got unlimited pools of money, right? [00:07:30] So he took that risk. I say risk, you know, I guess for him as a calculated risk, because we had, we had a few calls before he signed up and, you know, he trusted and invested his time and money in a complete stranger. And that was in me. Right. And that was to help him to reach his startup goals. And with my help, obviously he, you know, as I've said, he's already surpassed his initial goal in less than half the time he's gone further ahead. [00:08:01] It is an issue for his initial going less than half the time. And he's also gained the confidence and skills that it's going to last a lifetime for him. If he starts up other businesses in the future, he can use these same strategies again and again, and again. To replicate similar or better results, even as he's, as he sort of grows as an entrepreneur. [00:08:20] And now he's got a business that's sustainable. And one that is, you know, well, obviously it's reached his five-year goals, but it's less than half the time. And it's sustainable. That's the most important thing. It's not a quick buck. And then everything goes broke. He's making a profit. And that's really important. [00:08:39] Now I know a lot of people. On here, you know, listening to a video like this, you may be having achieved many cells you know, any sales, maybe, maybe you've achieved just a few, despite trying absolutely everything. Now it can sound like I get this. Like I think sometimes it can sound a bit like this sort of stuff is for these other people. [00:09:02] Right. And. You know, these other people managed to do it, but I'm not one of those type of people. You ever had that sort of feeling? you know, it's something that I get as well, you know, and I'm looking at other stuff. And the thing is, is if, if, if it hasn't workedout for you, it's probably not your fault. [00:09:21] Okay. Unless you're an absolute, you know, I don't want to be rude on here, but you know, if there's, you know, it's probably not your fault. Okay. Probably. Just because there's a few little things that you don't know yet, because no one's told you and that's it, you know, most of us didn't grow up in school with getting these sort of lessons they make, they make you learn Shakespeare, but they don't teach you how to become an entrepreneur. [00:09:46] They don't teach you how to do online digital marketing strategies. All right. So when you're shown how to do things a little differently to what you are. So doing now, this can really change your business forever. So what I'd like to do is I'd like to give you a free gift and that free gift is an invitation to my 90 minute webinar, and you can learn how to successfully plan start and then scale your own online business to, you know, a high five and even six figure businesses. [00:10:20] And that's even if you haven't, if you haven't got. As much time on your hands, as some of the people that you think of the other people who may be, can do entrepreneurship full time, you know, because on this webinar, I cover how I did it. You know, I started my first business whilst I was working full-time in the police. [00:10:41] Okay. And I show you some examples of other people I've helped. Who've also managed to start up and scale to, you know, high five and also six figures. Okay. Whilst working a full-time job with an online business. Okay. It's possible. You know, like I said, it's exactly what I did. So you can get access to that right now. [00:11:06] And you're gonna have to go back on your Instagram. Okay. So open up your Instagram. Now, if you want access to that webinar, to see how I did it and how other people I've helped to get there as well, then DME on Instagram. Okay. So it's @AaronHenray that's AaronHenray. Okay. Type that into Instagram, hit the follow first. [00:11:30] Okay. Hit the follow before you DM me because otherwise your messages might get filtered out and then DM, the word HIGHFIVE. Okay. DME the word HIGHFIVE, and I'll send you access details to the webinar. Okay. So that you can see exactly how you can plan, start and scale your own online business. Okay. Now, if you haven't got a business idea yourself, if you're sort of wanting people, they're sort of, they're thinking, well, that's great, but I haven't got any ideas. [00:12:04] I'd like to start one, but haven't got an idea of what I'd like to do. Okay. Still DM. Okay. It's AaronHenray on Instagram. Okay. You can also click on the link below this video to that, to get access to my Instagram. Make sure you follow me DM midwife high five. Okay. Because in that, in that webinar, there's a 90 minute webinar and I'm going to go over a lot of stuff. [00:12:31] Okay. That in that webinar, we're also going to show you, I'm also going to discuss a bit about if you haven't got an idea of your own, what you can do. Okay. Now it's definitely possible. Lots of people have done it. People who I've helped have done it and make sure you hit that bell icon so that you always get the updates. [00:12:48] And before you start the webinar, the only thing I'd ask. Okay. Is that you make sure that you've got 90 minutes clear of distractions. Okay. So turn off your phone for 90 minutes. When you're on the webinar, they can bring a pen and paper because it goes pretty quick. There's a lot of stuff to take in right now. [00:13:08] Go over to Instagram. I know I've said it before. I'm going to say it again, go onto the Instagram, @AaronHenray DM me HIGHFIVE to get access to the webinar. So until next time, you know, I hope he'll be speaking to you soon. I'll, you know, I'll message you back. If you DM me. Of course. Hopefully we'll being in contact with you soon and yeah, until next time, take care.


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