23 June 2022

I Regret Not Investing In My 20’s: Here’s What That Could Have Meant

Listen why Aaron Henriques regrets missing opportunities and not investing in the stock market during his 20’s. Discover the false beliefs you probably tell yourself that’s holding you back from investing in your future and why you should start investing now to take advantage of compounding.

See the hidden spending habits that you can change today that could make you rich in the future and its not saving money in the bank. Listen to how the banks are taking advantage of you and making themselves a ton of money that belongs to you!




00:00 – Financial Mistakes You Made in Your 20’s/30’s

01:07 – Investing 101: Why I’ve been researching stocks and shares

01:16 – What Are the Different Types of Stocks and Shares You Can Buy?

01:48 – Top Investing False Beliefs We All Had At 18 Years Old

02:29 – The Secret to Learning about Investing – Why It Took So Long

03:03 – The True Power of Money: Why Cash Is Not King

03:30 – The Truth About Banks – What They Really Do With Your Money

04:12 – Why does money devalue over time?

05:36 – How to Change Your Spending Habits Today to Invest in Your Future

06:20 – 58 Things I’m Sharing From My Investing Journey

08:09 – What are the other investments besides stocks and shares?


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Opportunity Awaits podcast Episode Transcript

Aaron Henriques: I regret not investing, particularly in stocks and shares in my 20's. Now, if you are in your 20's now, or if you're like me in your mid 30's, or even in your 40's, you're probably making the same mistake that I did. And I wanna share just something really quickly with you so that you can avoid where I'm at now. [00:00:24] So listen in because I've been doing a ton of research on this over the last couple of. And it's something that I'm heavily getting involved in now. And I think that when you listen to this, it's something you may wanna get involved in too. [00:00:50] I'm [00:01:05] I've been doing an absolute ton of research on investing, particularly in stocks and shares because there's so many options. There's literally, obviously there's so many individual stocks that you could invest in. There's so many. Funds and trackers and all sorts of things that you can invest in bonds. And it's like, so confusing. [00:01:27] What do you do? Do you go with these index trackers? Do you go with managed funds? Do you understand the fees, all this stuff, does it even make sense? If you, to what looks like making just a couple of pounds here and there, a couple of percent here and there, or you may think you're gonna lose all your money. [00:01:42] Right. That's another thing that people think. here's the, here's the truth from my end. I heard about this stuff when I was 18, probably before that. I heard about it and I genuinely thought it was just for rich people. That was it. I wasn't one of them people. Is that something that you were like as well, because I felt like this is just for the rich, it isn't something that people like me do or could even access. [00:02:11] Like if I went to the bank and said, Hey, or I don't even know where you'd go. Is it even the bank? Like, would you go to the bank and say, Hey, I wanna start investing in stuff. They'd just look at your bank, buy and like, oh, go away. That's what I, how I thought. And I told myself so many false beliefs over the years through growing up and that's just because my parents didn't know either. [00:02:31] They didn't know this stuff, they weren't doing it so they didn't teach me. And they know all along my life. It wasn't until my mid 30's that I started realizing about really. What investing is what it means that in fact, I could have started it many years ago and I didn't. And had I done today. [00:02:49] Oh my God. It would be very, very different. Cause I didn't understand the complex, the, the concept of compounding. Now I've got a good grasp with that. So one of the thing that you hear a lot about is Cash's king until you realize that $1000 today, Is not gonna be worth a $1000 in 10 years time, it might be the same number. [00:03:11] So you might literally stick a $1000 under your mattress, go and put, 10 of those, $100 bills under your bed. And. Then come back to it in 10 years time. Now it's a fact that what you could buy today with that $1000, you cannot buy that in 10 years time. No, it, we all know that, it shouldn't be news to you about that. [00:03:34] And yet we say cash is king. People want to hold cash, hoard cash, put it in the bank. And what did the banks do of your cash? yes. They invest your money. They invest your money. They lend out your money to other people. They, they charge the other people interest for lending out your money that you've put into the bank. [00:03:52] And then they make profit from that. And they'll give you like 0.01% interest per year or some crap like that. Like it's pointless. What? Like on a $1000 you'd make, I don't even know how much it is. What like $1. Interest a year. And then when you start, when you start thinking about the inflation. [00:04:13] Yeah. It's come to me now, like when you start thinking about inflation, then, actually your money's worth less and less and less over time. So like my Nan, for example, less she's like 94. She's had loads of money saved in her account. Like since she basically retired and. She's one of them that thinks, cash is king, keep the money in the bank is nice and safe. [00:04:36] Yes, it is nice and safe. The bank had been making a ton of money off of her money, but her money spending power wise has been going down, down and down over the last like 15, 20 years. And if I knew, then what I know now, I would've definitely said to her, Hey, Nan, you really should put that somewhere else. [00:04:54] Like in some investment. actually, your money's gonna go down over time. And in 20 years time, it's not gonna be worth anywhere near as much as it was back then. So that's something that we need to think about. Cash is king. It's not king. Get it out of your head. Spending power will reduce over time. [00:05:11] Now. I never knew that was the case I never knew. And the chances are you didn't either, and it's not your fault. It's not your fault. You just didn't know. We don't know what we don't know until we know. It right. It's not your fault if you didn't know this. Saving cash in the bank and under the bed, the reality is, the, the reality is I was out there spending hundreds every weekend, four years. [00:05:43] We are friends and buying stupidly expensive trainers and indulging in all sorts of crap. I wish that I'd just put away, 20% of. Instead of, instead of going out two nights every weekend or free night, or, when I was off on several days off, I might go out for a few nights in a row, including them week. [00:06:06] And I wish I'd put that money away and start investing some of it. Because today it would be worth hundreds of thousands. Literally it would be worth hundreds of thousands, right. Had I started investing that back then, but I never knew that now you do so subscribe because I'm gonna start sharing stuff that I've been learning about investing, and hopefully you don't make the same mistakes that I did. [00:06:27] So if you want to learn that stuff that I've been learning over so many books. Oh my God. I've read so many books, so many audio books as well. Like online stuff, whatever, like. So much stuff I've been learning that I'm gonna be sharing with you. I've literally got a list of currently 58 things that I wanna, 58 topics I wanna be talking about over the time. [00:06:54] I'm not gonna do this all at once. Cuz oh my God, I will die. It takes so long to edit these things, but I've got a list of yeah. A load of stuff that I'm gonna start sharing, but I think it'll be more helpful if you put a comment. In the notes in the, if you can comment in the box or wherever you are listening. [00:07:12] If you put a comment, just asking any questions that you may have around it, let me know who you are. Contact me on Instagram. It's Aaron Henry. If you don't know, follow me there, send me an inbox. I'm usually reply to everyone, the inboxes mail, unless it feels like spam, then I'll just ignore you. So don't just say hi, cuz I probably won't. [00:07:32] Get straight into whatever it is you gotta ask. And then I will probably reply because normally people say hi, right? I know it's going off tangent, but say what? People say hi on Instagram. And I'm like, you're about to sell me something or you're a bot. I'm not speaking to bots. So anyway yeah, I regret not invest investing in my 20's. [00:07:51] If you are in your 20's now, I suggest you start researching and looking into it. If you are in your 30's and 40's or older, there's still time, you're just not gonna be able to use the compounding over time. And that's a video I definitely will get into. Cause it's so interesting how that works. [00:08:09] Yeah, so investing doesn't have to just be in stocks and shares. There's so many different ways you can do it. There's businesses as well. There, there are cryptos, there's all, there's other types of investments that you can make. So I've created a video. So go and click on this video right now on the seven best passive income opportunities that you can get involved in. [00:08:31] And remember. Okay, opportunity awaits us all. You've just gotta go out there and get it until next time I've been Aaron Henriques take care.


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