23 August 2021

I have too many choices for a life changing decision

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Today I am here asking for your help… I have just a few short weeks before I have to make a life-changing decision that will impact my entire future personal and entrepreneurial life. This one decision will have such a huge impact on my future it’s been keeping me awake at night.


In This Episode…

* How you can help Aaron make his decision before time runs out!

* Should I skip the UK and move abroad?

* Boosting the entrepreneurial mind and seeking new opportunities


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Podcast Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Good morning, everyone. Now, today I've got up really early. It's a Sunday morning. I'm over in the Isle of White in Shanklin. That's a little island off the south of England. For those of you who aren't from the UK who don't know what it is. Yeah. And the reason why I've been up, I just got up because I couldn't sleep really. [00:00:17] I've had a lot on my mind of late, which I'll talk about soon. And really a lot of it is around having too many choices. Now, people think that, you know, sort of running your own businesses and stuff like that, having all that freedom. Too much choice is a, is always a great thing and don't get me wrong. It is a nice thing, but it's not always great. [00:00:36] And I'm going to talk about that in a, in a second. So, but for those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Aaron Henriques entrepreneur from the United Kingdom from London predominantly currently living on the Isle of Wight. Now, what I want to do is I just want to sort of really chat about what the problem has been of late of having too many choices and apologies. [00:00:57] If you can hear the sea and the bloody sea gulls, I'm just walking on the beach here, but hopefully you can hear me for it. Now, what I want to do is I want to talk about the choices that I've had to face of late. Now. I moved to the Isle of Wight about four and a half months ago. I just pay for an apartment, overlooking the sea here in Shanklin. [00:01:19] And I paid for that for six months. And my, my plan at the time of moving here was at the end of the six months was probably just to go abroad. Now, the way the situation has been with COVID, that's not always been exactly possible to sort of achieve that. However it is now possible. But what I've been faced with lately, but had issues with my Nan, we thought she was going to die very recently and you know, thank gosh, she hasn't, she's now out of hospital. [00:01:46] But we've had issues with that and I've also been looking at the problems around, you know, being able to go places. I want it to go one of the places I want it to go with to see one of my friends. Very good friend of mine who was living in Vietnam. Who's just come back. She's just actually come back after two years being away. [00:02:03] So that's not going to happen now, but I've been looking at it the potential of, or three things really do it well four things. Do I stay in the apartment for another six months that I've been renting? Do I go and buy a house on this island or somewhere else? To give myself a little base? Am I going to go down the lines of going over to the United States to LA or Miami, something like that. [00:02:30] Am I going to go over to Dubai potentially? So they're the four sort of options. Hello? [00:02:46] Yeah. So I'm sorry. There's a little doggy. Yeah. So Where was I? Yeah, Dubai. So I've been looking at those as potential options to go and do. And what I want to do is really sort of get some clarity and it's something that obviously I can't do all of those things at once. I can't stay in the apartment here because it's, I like the apartment. [00:03:08] It's a nice apartment. I like the Isle of Wight. It's actually quite nice. Yeah. Well, it's not quite nice. It's very nice. It's just, it's a bit sleepy as a, as a place, as you know, it's known for being a holiday destination or somewhere where old people go to sort of retire. There's not much sort of here in terms of like, opportunities that is a massive issue. [00:03:26] There's not, there's not much here in terms of opportunities or entrepreneurial sort of vibes or anything like that. There's not the type of people like me around here that I'm going to like get some energy from and yeah. You know, I don't know, getting those entrepreneurial juices flowing and getting into venture deals and, you know, partnering with and all sorts of random you know, crazy wacky ideas to, you know, make the next big thing or whatever. [00:03:50] There's none of that here. So that's, that's something. And I was also thinking, you know, potentially start buying properties have been going around, looking at lots of land and properties to purchase in order to develop and sell on. And that's been going on for a while. Got a couple of places at the moment that are of very good potential options to go with. [00:04:14] So we've got the promises development side of things also potentially looking at well, do I buy a house here and just stay here for a bit longer? And yeah. Do I stay for a bit longer? And then, you know, potentially go and travel after that, just rent out. Or do I just literally in a month and a half time from now, just to say goodbye to the Isle of Wight, goodbye to the UK? [00:04:38] Get on a plane and try to get over to the states or to Dubai. And and then just see what happens from there. Okay. Like with my businesses. So people probably wondering, like, I, I do have businesses, so I started up my one of my businesses when I was a police officer. So I was a police officer in the UK. [00:04:59] For those of you don't know my background. So as a police officer for 10 years, and I started a business whilst in the police and that business I don't really have much to do with really very little to have a couple of hours a month, maybe of light involvement, but that allows me to sort of be able to go and do the things that I I want to do. [00:05:16] And I have staff to everything else like that, that run that run the business for me, which is. So that, that makes me pretty fortunate in, in that sort of sense, but it's just knowing what the next step is. And I think it's a bit of a fear factor here, you know, because I put up a poll my, on my Instagram. [00:05:35] Right. And yeah, it's not, I don't have thousands and thousands of followers, so it's not going to be getting like a really great representative sample, but it had around, I think it was like 80% or something like that. When I last looked of people. When I put up a poll of LA / Miami or Dubai, so many people said Dubai, now, the more important thing, looking at that, the people, when I was looking at the people that are saying LA and Miami and the people that were saying Dubai, I'm looking at the people who I know who are entrepreneurs, who've been around. [00:06:07] You know, I've got some people who've been all over the world. And they're entrepreneurs, they're running businesses, remotely online and stuff like that and saying Dubai a couple I inboxed a couple of people who I know who have lived in Dubai. And they've also lived in the states and all over the place. [00:06:20] And they've also said Dubai, so Dubai is like the place to go. Now, the thing of America is it it's currently not possible to get into United States, not directly from the UK, but I'm told by one of them that if I went to Dubai anyway, spent a few months there. I see what it's like. If I can make, you know, sort of good, decent connections and stuff like that, maybe I want to stay a bit longer. [00:06:43] But if not, I can always hop over to the United States from Dubai. There's currently no restrictions on doing that. So that's a potential option, but I'm sort of left in limbo, you know, had a rough night's sleep. Just thinking about this, about what do I do, because we all know six weeks will go like that. [00:07:02] It will be gone and I need to make a decision on what I'm doing. So, yeah, I mean, yeah. Really what's the point of this episode? I mean, the point is episode is I know there's a lot of people that are listening and, you know, I see my stats, so I noticed people listening and I know that there are probably people among you who have either thought about it before, or have actually done it where you've taken that step out and just gone, got on a plane and gone somewhere and just seeing how it worked out, you know? [00:07:40] I didn't get on a plane and go somewhere far, but you know, I come from, I don't know what, I know a couple of people on this island. And when I say know, probably not as well as I thought. And it's just like, you know, I just hopped over here, but that was for a different reason. That's because I couldn't go anywhere where else I want it to go. [00:08:01] But now I'm looking at other options, but if you do have. You know that experience yourself, I would really appreciate hearing from you, you know, particularly very soon so that I can sort of, you know, to help me in my decision making process of like, what's good, what's bad of it. Always, you know, it's a scary, it's a potentially scary thing. [00:08:20] I've never done that, you know, I've never just been like, screw it, getting on a plane, moving to a completely foreign country where I don't even know what currency they use. And just seeing what. Well, I've never done that. And I'm normally very planned and meticulous in that sort of way. So I'd be really interested to hear people's points of views and the way that you can do that is if you inbox me on Instagram. [00:08:46] So that's where I spend most of my time. That's probably where you'll see the updates of what I actually end up doing. If I stay, do I go? I don't know. Whichever, you know, it's gonna be a snap decision. And it's going to be the case that, I mean, we're going to stay here on the island or I'm going to go abroad really? [00:09:07] There's my main two options if you broke it down like that. So yeah, if you go onto Instagram and type in @AaronHenray, that's AaronHenray. That's @AaronHenray to type in AaronHenray and I'll pop up. And what you can do is give me a follow and just inbox me, you know, send me a message or reply to one of my my stories, whatever you want to do. [00:09:38] Just let me know that, you know, if you've listened to the podcast and what your opinion is, what you think, you know, what your experiences is there anything about Dubai that you know about that is like something that makes you make me think twice about even going. No. Is there something about LA or Miami that, you know, that would make you say actually, do you know, do your very best to get over there because of this reason as an entrepreneur, it's going to help you so much more. [00:10:05] Maybe there's this massive event coming up that I could go to. I don't know. Like, I don't know what, I don't know. Just like, you don't know what you don't know, so I'd be really interested to hear from you. I'm Aaron Henriques and I just wanted to give that, that quick share because I'm sure that. You know, the likes of you or people, you know, have probably been faced with sort of decisions like this, where the outcomes are very different or potentially very different. [00:10:33] You know, if you go left or if you, you know, you're going left or right. And you're going to completely different places, you're going to be meeting completely different people. Your future is going to be completely different depending on which option you take. So it's a significant change, a significant decision for me. [00:10:52] And I just want to thank you very much for taking the time of listening today. And yeah, so hopefully, you know, I want to hear from you just go on Instagram and pop me a message and let's have a chat because. Also if you're over there, you know, if you're over in the states, if you're over in Dubai or if you know people over there, you know, that's another thing. [00:11:11] If I did end up there, I don't know anyone. I know nobody. I know, like in Dubai, I've got one person I know who was on a, on a flying course with me before. But other than that, I don't know anyone in the states. I don't know anyone else in Dubai. Yeah. So, yeah. Thank you very much for listening. I'm Aaron Henriques, enjoy your day..  


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