8 February 2021

UK General Aviation Update & Urgent News On The Rebate For Sky Echo 2 by uAvioni

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Hey I’m Aaron Henriques, a British night rated aeroplane private pilot, doing my professional flight training and learning for my helicopter PPL. You can find me on Instagram @AaronHenray. I’m also a british business person and here to share an honest account of my flying journey with you!

I record this on my iPhone and there will be very little (or no) editing, so be prepared for the odd slip-up or swear! If you’re easily offended… find another podcast. Thanks!

In This Episode…

I give an update on general aviation flying in the UK during coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown and why I changed to Austro control for the ATPL professional pilot exams.

I talk about the Sky Echo 2 by uAvioni purchased from Transair Flight Equipment, the eligibility rules and timelines for you to claim your rebate. Also about how the Sky Echo 2 can help to keep you safer as a general aviation pilot.

What are your thoughts on Sky Echo 2? Have you flown with it yet? Let me know on my Instagram post.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

  [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Hello everyone. And welcome to the British pilot podcast. My name is Aaron Henriques and today I'm going to be talking very, very briefly about the sky echo to buy you Abby Oni. The lots of pilots have been getting very recently. And so I just wanted to talk about that a bit because I've recently got one myself. [00:00:23] But before I go into that, obviously for a lot of people at the moment flying, isn't something that they're doing, it's you, you know, you might be dreaming about it. You might just be flying in your head. But for most people, well, they're not all, cause I've seen some who are still flying some private pilots. [00:00:39] But for most people COVID has put a halt to them being, you know, doing any flying whatsoever. However, the summer. Is fast approaching. Although looking out my window right now is snow full of snow and it's minus three where I am. But the summer is fast approaching and before you know it, you're going to be backing your aircraft and you'll be flying all over. [00:01:01] So I think the you know, the prompt about sky echo too, and just to make it clear, I am not sponsored by any means to do anything to do is Geico to it's just something that I purchased, but I will talk about that and the reasons why I did that. Now I've had some people contact me over the last few weeks and I kept saying, okay, yeah, I'll do another podcast. [00:01:24] And I'm like, okay, let me actually just go and do it today. So. Some people have asked me what what's happened with the ATPL's and where I'm at. So for those who don't know already, because I've told people in their inboxes, but not necessarily to the people who listen to this podcast I have changed over to Ostrow control. [00:01:47] They're actually given that automatic six month extension for anyone who's taken an exam with them before the end of March. So there's no application process like with the CAA, for example, I can't remember if I mentioned it on my last one, but I am going to, I might as well just say it on here just in case it didn't, but with the CIA, for those of you who were like me, who took your ATPL hours just before, COVID your first exams you, you may have heard about a six month extension being provided for you to complete your ATPL's. [00:02:20] Now, I assume. Wrongly, of course, but I assumed that the CAA knowing what the situation was and that everyone was affected in exactly the same way, because no one could take exams. None of the residential courses could go, go ahead. As they were like, I was on one that they would do that automatically. [00:02:40] Now that to me would make sense, but it seemed that the CIA, what they actually decided to do is that they wanted to have a board meeting about every individual application about every individual person who was going to be given that six month extension on a case by case basis. So I didn't know that that was something you'd apparently had to have applied for by email to them. [00:03:02] And then they would have had their, their meeting about you individually and decided whether or not you'd get that excited. Oh, stroke control have taken the sort of simpler route with that. We've COVID and they've sort of turned around and said, it's an automatic extension. So that's good news for some people. [00:03:20] For some of you, it may not be. So for those of you who are yet to take any exams with Australia and perhaps not going to get in by the end of March, it doesn't look like from the information that I've read from Austria control so far that that's going to affect. To you. And also you're going to be forced onto this new course. [00:03:41] I don't know any details about a new course, I'm afraid or what's different, so I'm not gonna talk about it. But I've had a few people also ask me about, did I change the solely, the state of license issue? No, I didn't. I'm still, I've still got my license with the CAA. My medical is still with the CAA. [00:03:58] The only thing I have changed is the ATP. Exams over to Australia. Okay. So on to sky echo to buy you have a Yoni. Yeah, so I mean, very, very briefly, you know, it is what it is. It's Electronic conspicuously device it's to help you in the air. So for, for you pilots, that might be flying aircraft that doesn't have like a mode S transponder, for example it can transmit Just as you would do normally with a transfer as, as if you had a S a class S transponder, sorry. [00:04:33] Can't even talk. Yeah, so it transmits in that sort of way if you want it to, but you don't have to have it do that. It also acts as a GPS for people who have iPads that don't have the mobile bit inside, which also has the GPS. I actually. When I bought my latest iPad, actually from, from the apple store, I bought the one without the mobile, because I was thinking, well, I've never needed to use the data on it like that. [00:05:01] So I bought one with it. And then I went up in the air with someone trying out sky demon for the very first time. And I was like, why didn't this bloody thing work? Like it doesn't show where I am sort of thing. And eventually, and I wasn't sky demon. It was ForeFlight, that's what I was using. First of all. [00:05:15] And. Yeah, it just blows it didn't work. So basically what I ended up doing was taking it back and sort of saying to apple that, oh, this don't work. And then I was saying to ForeFlight you realize that like your app don't work and then they came back to me and said, Nope, it's actually your device is the problem. [00:05:34] And I needed to get the upgraded one with GPS. So me being me rather than going to get, you know, 25. GPS thing or a hundred quid GPS. I went and spent several hundred pounds more on. Mobile ones that has a built in GPS. So anyway, how do I know that a few months later I was going to be buying the sky echo to, I went above it cause it's got it built in and more than that, it's not just GPS. [00:05:59] It actually will tell you where other aircraft are in your vicinity. So if you've got not on its own, it doesn't display anything on its own, but. If you're using something like sky demon or ForeFlight, it will show those aircraft on there. Because I can't fly at the moment. I can't test it out properly, but I have switched it on and I've hooked it up to my sky demon and it was super simple to get set up. [00:06:27] You know, I don't know how it could have been simpler, to be honest with you. You know, it's idiot proof. I'd say if you are someone who struggled with it I'm not calling you an idiot, but it just seems super idiot, idiot, proof. You know, it's a solid build. It's got a very nice carry case, which I wasn't expecting. [00:06:45] Yeah, it's a very nice carry case. It's actually quite big. I have a very small flight. 'cause I don't like to carry lots of stuff and it's currently bulging. Now I've put that in it as well. So maybe I'll have to get a slightly bigger flight bag with it. I don't really want to, because I like carrying a light load, but yeah. [00:07:06] So there isn't much to say about it. It's a little white box that it will, it will allow you to see other aircraft in your. On your ForeFlight or sky demon. There's probably other apps it works for as well. I don't know. And it will also allow you to transmit your location, height, speed, et cetera. To. [00:07:29] To, to others who are in the air as well, and also to air traffic control so they can see if you don't have a mode S transponder. So I purchased mine from trans air. That's there are other flight stores available other shops, pilot shops, whatever you want to call them. There are other pilot shops available, but I did buy mine from transit normally where I get my stuff. [00:07:52] They do have some in stock, which is good news. In fact, they have quite a lot in stock compared to when I was trying to buy mine, there was no stock. And I know there were some issues because there was such a high demand, but they've now got some, they've actually pulled some strings and they've got, you know, 21, it was 21 in stock this morning when I looked and yeah, they're ready for people. [00:08:13] But the thing is guys and girls. The deadline to apply for the rebate from the CAA is the 31st of March or until the entire budget's used. Now. I don't know if the budget's used, I doubt it is. I think there was enough for like 10,000 devices. I just can't see that they've gone through that many that quickly in the UK, but the deadline to apply for the rebate is the 31st of March. [00:08:39] But you need to understand this net. You must have purchased the device by the 28th of February as a 28 for this month as I'm recording. And that will allow you to get 50% off, up to 250 pounds. Okay. So if you are one of those who are. Looking at flying in the summer. Maybe you're switching from your paper maps to, you know, thinking about switching from your paper maps to sky demon or ForeFlight or one of the others that are available, then it might be a good idea to consider getting this now, because it does, it makes no sense to me whatsoever for you to have sky demon or ForeFlight and not have it working, you know, to, to its best ability for. [00:09:27] And this is a safety device as well, you know? So for you to be able to see other aircraft that you may not be able to see, and I had, you know, using when I went flying with Jack Giles from my Pell course we had, you know near a very near miss or maybe not a very near miss, but it wasn't near miss you know, potentially a head-on we have someone during, and that was a time when we were being directed by a military air traffic controller. [00:09:53] And that's, you know, it was just the case that we can see them, they can see us. It was just one of the things. And it was very, you know, it w it, that potentially could have been a different outcome, you know, had I been, you know, slightly right? Or, you know, 50 feet up, something like that could add different outcome there. [00:10:14] And by having something like the sky echo too, with your sky, That's something that could have been avoided. Okay. You can't just rely on these controllers. Okay. I've had, I think recently as well, the more times I flamed recently, I don't know if they're understaffed or something, but it seems to be either they're not there at all, they just don't answer full stop or I don't know if they're just overworked potentially. [00:10:41] Because I've, I've seen a, quite a difference in the last sort of year of flying. Versus, you know, going back five, six years ago, it seems a bit different, but perhaps it's not, maybe I wasn't flying enough to know. But any case there are some restrictions on who can have them. Okay. Who can get this discount. [00:11:01] So it's UK or EOS the license holders. Okay. You have to hold a PPL, CPS. And MPPs national private pilot's license sell plane license can be balloons like aircraft pilots, license or British gliding or hang-gliding associations registrations. And from reading the documents, it doesn't appear that that applies to students. [00:11:29] Unfortunately, I know of a few as well. Still at, you know, towards the end of their PPL, like very close, like literally they one or two flights from finishing. And unfortunately, probably like, Well, it's going to be like, it's going to be completely likely, isn't it. 28th of February, you have to buy it, buy to be able to get the thing. [00:11:47] You're not going to have a licensed by them. So it's unfortunate. Perhaps you've got some pilot friends that are anti sky demon and ForeFlight, who'd be happy to, you know, potentially buy one on your behalf. I don't know. Maybe that's a bit fraud and I don't know. I appreciate we recommended that. But in any case I am going to give, I get the CIA a bit of a battering. [00:12:07] Yeah. Because I think you've probably heard in a few of my podcasts. I give them a bit of a battering and give a bit of a hard time because CAA, I think my experience with them hasn't really been that great. I don't think they're that they're very organized and they seem a bit slow with everything they do. [00:12:23] Normally. However, this I'm going to give them some credit for, because the application process to apply for the rebate was super. I mean super simple. You know, literally it took me like 60 seconds maybe to complete it. And the rebate was made to me within three working days. Okay. It was super quick. So consider that Transdev only got 21 in stock. [00:12:53] I don't know about other pilot shops. Haven't checked. I'm sure you can go and do that yourself. But they are. Everywhere. I've looked they're 499 pounds. They're being sold out with a 250 pound rebate, you know, so you might as well, if you are going to be flying this summer and you're thinking of ever going over to sky demon or ForeFlight or something like that, then get this device. [00:13:16] Okay. Just go and get it. It's going to be a game changer for lots of people flying wise particularly in the Southeast, the Essbase is so crowded. And you, you know, you're having to navigate round all these little like a flat out with Northfield and you've got, he froze airspace to contend with, then you've got, you've got these basic, these little gaps you've got stands. [00:13:40] Did you got Luton? All these little gaps you have to go through and all, you know, okay. All aircraft are having to be under like 2000 feet or lower in some places as well. And. You know, going in different directions, it's it can be pretty sort of hair-raising. And, you know, if you're someone who's not used to flying, particularly in busy airspace like that, then that, you know, having that extra sort of situational awareness on your lap is going to be very, very helpful for you. [00:14:12] So make sure you get it transit, you know, they've always been very quick. No, I had that free delivery, which came to me in like a day or two. And then the rebate you need to apply for that once you've got the invoice. Okay. You need the serial number from the, from the device. So get out there go over to wherever your pilot shop is. [00:14:35] The one you use. Translate, definitely have some in stock who certainly did when I had a look this morning and yeah, go and get that rebate. It's 250 quid, half the price you get. So going forward you know, it's really down to you, what you want to hear. I've always got stuff to talk about. I can waffle on about anything most of the time. [00:14:55] So if there's stuff you want hear let me know. You're probably going to start hearing stuff to do with helicopters a lot. Cause I don't know. I just got really, after I have my helicopter lessons, I've really enjoyed them and that's something I'm definitely going to be going ahead with. Getting my license for that. [00:15:13] And I will update you more on the ATPL's, how they go. But other than that, you know, if I don't have anything to say, that's why I don't publish. Unless it's something, you know, if someone asks me a question, sometimes they'll just come and do a podcast like today. So anyway you can reach out to me if you want to get in touch. [00:15:31] Find me on Instagram. It's AaronHenray. That's AaronHenray. No spaces or anything like that. Find me on Instagram there or British pilot podcast. You'll also find a link to me by that Instagram page. So if you want to get in touch, if you want to talk about anything, if you actually want to come on the podcast at all, and like, speak about anything at all you know, get in touch with me. [00:15:56] I'm happy to do it. We can get on zoom and, you know, Find out what sort of flying you've been doing, what you're going to be up to over the coming months. So anyway, until next time I did say this would be short. And how long is it? It's not that short, but anyway, thanks for listening. And yeah, until next time stay safe.


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