UK General Aviation Flying & Private Pilot Training Flights Schools To Start Again Soon!

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The British government and CAA have announced the key dates for private pilots and student pilots to recommence flying training after lockdown.

Listen in for the key dates!

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Podcast Episode Transcript

  [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Hello everyone. And welcome back to the podcast. I'm Aaron Henriques. And I'm just going to talk about the recent announcement today from the civil aviation authority, they finally published some guidelines, sorry. The government have published some guidelines around general aviation flying, which. Of course civil aviation authority will be distributing. [00:00:25] But it's out there. I will put a link in the show notes for you, if you have a desire to read the full document, but essentially there are a couple of key dates for general aviation pilots out there. We all know that commercial pilot training has been allowed to continue for outlook down. So most people on doing commercial pilot training, haven't been stopped for. [00:00:49] So this is mainly at general aviation flying for non-professional purposes. Okay. So by non-professional purposes, meaning you are not a commercial pilot, or it's not one of the criteria such as you need to fly the P you know, your plane or helicopter for work purposes. Okay. So I know people who buy and sell aircraft, so they need to be able to fly for their work. [00:01:18] And there are people who. Commute by helicopter because they're are lucky enough to have worked hard enough or been lucky enough to have been born into the money or acquired the money to be able to do such a thing. So for the rest of us, There's two key dates that are really important for you. They're quite close together. [00:01:39] So if you don't fall into category one on the 29th of March, then don't worry too much because you know, you haven't got long to wait for the next one. So the first step, according to the government website is for the 29th of March. As we know that people are not going to be required to stay at home anymore And it's also going to allow the general aviation flying to restart. [00:02:06] And that is for solo pilots only, or for solo, for pilots who are taking members of that immediate household. Okay. So it's only for that. You're not allowed to take up your friends or, you know, or other family who don't, you don't live with for the time being, and it is for. Pilot's only so pilots who are already licensed. [00:02:36] Okay. This doesn't come into effect for pilot training, or certainly not private pilot training until the 12th of April. Okay. Which is when private pilot training flights with an instructor can resume. So you shouldn't be doing any flights for an instructor prior to 12th of April, unless you are a. [00:02:58] You know, on a commercial course. Okay. So generation businesses are going to be able to open a gain. So that will be good. As long as they, like, what I put down here is about COVID secure guidance. So it would be pretty good. I think for generations as a whole, because that, you know, sort of opens up a bit more possibility, you know, you flying away and being able to even just sit down and have a sandwich, you know, I'm not sure if. [00:03:26] If all venues are going to be allowed to reopen in that way, it doesn't state it. But we shall see, so the outdoor gatherings need to be limited to six people, two households. Okay. So they have. That there is no exemption for pilots. So if you are pilot training, then you shouldn't be congregating with lots of other people who also pilot training or people who are visiting I've read airfields or anything like that. [00:03:54] Because it falls outside of the government guidelines. Now here's something really important to note. Okay. Because I have actually seen this from some people and I have a feeling they just didn't. I didn't know until I read this either. So if you are flying internationally, GA flying, so January aviation flying, so you're taking a little Cessna or whatever, over to Europe, for example there are restrictions, quite heavy restrictions put on you just the same way as if you were flying on a you know, on, on a, on a jet to America, for example. [00:04:30] So you need to take. Test before arriving back to the UK and before you travel, okay, you need to complete a passenger locator form. It's quarantine for 10 days on arrival, back in the UK. And you say the coronavirus test on day two and day eight of your quarantine, and you must follow the national lockdown. [00:04:58] Okay. So the rules that we're all currently in needs to be followed by you, if you are international GA flying. Now that doesn't seem to be any exemption around that. It doesn't state there's any exemption whatsoever. If you're doing it for work purposes. Okay. It doesn't say there's any exemption for any other reason. [00:05:18] Okay. So I think that's something that if you are flying. Out of the country that you need to have a good lookout and there are additional restrictions. If you are traveling to a list of countries called they're part of the travel ban red list So where my brother is in South Africa. He, yeah, I don't know if you've seen, but on my Instagram he put up a message saying that I should fly down to South Africa because it's his birthday coming up and he'd like to go flying. [00:05:50] Well, if I did that, I mean, one, it would take forever flying down there. I dunno, like 20 stops at least. But If I did go there, there are severe restrictions when coming back. Okay. And you have to go to specific entry points. Now there is a list on the government website. I have no desire to read it out. [00:06:10] But it's quite a long list of countries around the world where. You must go to Heathrow, Gatwick, London, city, Birmingham, or Farnborough upon your arrival there, the only approved entry points into England that has to be in new England that you, that you come to. So So there you go. They are the two key dates to, for you to look forward to the 29th of March for people who are already licensed to be able to fly at least so low. [00:06:37] Of course, if you are our building already, I've just found out that actually I could have been flying. So our building has been allowed. I knew it was allowed in some places I didn't know is that my. My group, my flying group, I'm with Northfield fine group. Or also allowing it now. So. I may go up and do a bit of flying. [00:06:58] I'm really sorry if it upsets you, but I may go and do some flying and I may post your picture on my Instagram. So, you know, if you want to have a look, you can follow me. It's AaronHenray. That's AaronHenray on Instagram, no spaces. Come and say hello, like many do. And then of course, for those of you who are student pilots 12th of April is the date for you. [00:07:23] So you can get calling your flight schools right now. I bet they're going to get really, really busy and booked up over the coming weeks from the 12th of April. So getting there now book your slots with them bear in mind, April can be a bit wet and windy sometimes. So book a good few slots where you can and get back. [00:07:43] Okay. So until next time I thought I would just leave you with that. I'm going to be talking a little bit about some business stuff I've been up to shortly over the coming weeks. I'll let you know more about it. Basically I've been going through a transition and a phase of. Starting a new business as well alongside my existing ones. [00:08:05] And yeah, I'll, I'll share, I'll tell you a bit more about that, but also for those of you on the British pilot podcast channel yep. I will be back talking more about aviation staff and I will be uploading more stuff about. The flying I'll be doing over the coming weeks and months and also helicopter flying. [00:08:24] That'll be exciting. And yeah, it was also someone who I spoke to today who is looking forward to coming on this podcast. So I actually can't wait. I'm quite excited to get them on because I think particularly for some of you female pilots out there she's gonna be a massive inspiration for you show you. [00:08:43] That you know? Well, I'm only gonna to talk about it. She'll, she'll, she'll explain her journey well enough to you and how she got to where she is. So, yeah, that's something that's likely to come up. If you like the podcast, do me a favor. If you're listening on apple podcasts and you liked the podcast. [00:09:04] Give me five stars. Okay. Share it with your friends. I'm more than happy to have a chat with you. Get contact me on Instagram. It's AaronHenray. That's where I spend most of my time. That's AaronHenray, @AaronHenray and yeah, we'll chat another time.


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