25 February 2021

Student PPL Pilot Update On SkyEcho 2 CAA Rebate & What iPad to use with SkyDemon or Foreflight

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Some great news for student private pilots in the UK! I answer a question from a podcast listener about the type of iPad to buy after completing pilot training to use with Foreflight or Skydemon. The type of GPS receiver to use and there’s news on the CAA electronic conspicuity device rebate scheme! Tune in to find out more… it’s going to be a good one!

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Podcast Episode Transcript

BPP020 [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the podcast. I'm Aaron Henriques and today you're probably wondering why I'm posting another episode literally a day after the next one. Or if you're, if you're listening on the British pilot podcast channel, then it's the same day. So yeah, I was talking to. Someone, one of the listeners on Instagram yesterday, Sean law, if he doesn't mind me saying Sean in 1989 on Instagram, give a follow student pilot as well. [00:00:38] And we were talking about you know, the, the types of GPS that you can use, or the types of iPads that sort of work for using something like ForeFlight or sky demon, for example. And. This is something that is probably going to be useful for lots of the student pilots here, particularly with something, an announcement that. [00:01:00] Has been put out recently by the civil aviation authority. And I know lots of student pilots were particularly feeling like they were left out from being able to get, you know, device like the sky echo the, the GPS system, because they didn't have their license and the rebar. I due to close on the 28th of February, where you'd have to buy your device by then, but you are not allowed to get the rebate unless you are a license holder. [00:01:28] Now there's lots of different licenses it allows for, but nonetheless, you do need to be a licensed. So this news is something that if you're a student pilot and you've been thinking about the rebate and feeling like you're left out less than in, because this is definitely for you. And also for anyone else who's been thinking about you know, potentially getting a sky echo or, you know, it could be for financial reasons. [00:01:54] Maybe you're not, you can't justify it right now, or you're just not flying. So you're not interested in getting one of these devices now, but listening, because there's been an announcement that. Great news for you. And I will cover that shortly, but before I get started on that, what I want to do really is number one, say, thank you to everyone who's listening. [00:02:14] I don't know who you, most of you are. Some people are messaging me, you know, I do get regular messages on Instagram. You know, if you're not following the already it's AaronHenray that's H AaronHenray on Instagram. If you, if you just give me a follow and say, hello, let me know what you're doing, what you're listening and what it is that you like to listen to. [00:02:35] What you're interested in, because it gives me a bit of inspiration there to you know, to sort of put out there what you're actually interested in, rather than just things that come into my head every now and then. But yeah, anyway, back to a topic. So Sean law asked me about. Moving map sort of, I suggested to, first of all, remember the paper maps because when you're learning to fly and he did confirm this as far as he's aware, as far as I'm aware as well, you still have to learn how to use the paper maps. [00:03:05] And my, I literally just felt one of my ATLs instructors whacking me across. The head right now for calling it's a map, I meant chart. Yes. I meant chart the civil aviation charts. But to people who perhaps haven't started flying yet, it's a bloody map get over it. But anyway he was asking about, you know, what type of iPad you need to buy something that I've covered. [00:03:30] It's a bit of a mix of something I've covered across a few episodes where I bought an iPad, a brand new iPad. Try to use ForeFlight and then I was blaming ForeFlight as being a crap app for not working. It's not true. It's just the fact that I didn't have the GPS iPad, and that's why it wasn't picking up my GPS signal go figure. [00:03:50] But anyway yeah, so effectively what you need is there's really two options for you. If you want to use. Moving maps. There's free options. If you want to use the moving maps in the aircraft. So if you want to use something like sky echo or ForeFlight, and there are others available out there, don't see me other channels I'm not talking about, but there are two that I have personally used. [00:04:11] You need to either go for, if you're looking at iPad. I don't know about other, the other types of tablets. I don't know why anyone uses anything other than apple devices. What's wrong with you people. But if you're using an apple iPad then you need the one with wifi and cellular. I hate saying that word, wifi and cellular. [00:04:33] Yeah. So you need the wifi one with cellular and that has the built-in GPS system. Okay, so your next alternative is you can get the standard wifi only, but then you would need an external GPS receiver. Now, what I would say to that is if you do get an external GPS receiver, probably don't go and buy a cheap one off eBay. [00:04:57] Particularly if you're using it for navigation purposes, you need to be able to rely on it. There are some devices out there that I've seen a can't remember the names. Probably I should have researched it before I even started recording, but I didn't. You know, I'm sure you know how to use Google, but there are ones that are aimed specifically at aviation and they're generally probably built a bit better and will provide you with more accurate sort of a location and you know, your out tattooed, et cetera. [00:05:26] That's obviously quite important to you anyway. So you, you can either, you can either get the wifi and cellular. On his own and that has its built in GPS. It can be a bit funny in some types of aircraft. Okay. Or you can go on and get the external GPS receiver where that's all it does. Okay. Or you can go and get something like a sky echo. [00:05:50] Okay. One of these electronic conspicuously devices that the rebate scheme is aimed at that has the GPS built in, but it also has the other capabilities, the ADSL B Where it transmits and receives like MODEC transponder. So it also picks up other aircraft in the vicinity that are transmitting not, not transmitting on the radio, transmitting their. [00:06:17] Like either through their built-in 10 transponder or through something like sky echo, it will pick them up. And we'll give you better situational awareness. Now I would recommend if you are just starting out now, and if you are one of those student pilots who are sort of partway through your PPL, and you're looking forward to the 12th of April, which is what I said on the last podcast where lots of flying schools are looking at reopening, sorry, having a sip of coffee. [00:06:45] I was, I need to slow down. I'm going to slow down. So when I speaking to yeah, so that, that there's other pilots who are partway through their course when it comes to considering your options, you've now actually got free options available. Okay. So you've got the wifi and cellular, which you can obviously go for. [00:07:04] This is assuming that you want to use a moving map. I'd recommend you do actually use the paper charts for quite some time. I still actually still fly with them. I'm using the literally flown a couple of times with a moving map. Now a few times we've moved map and I haven't used that as my primary As my primary navigation tool or you can get the external GPS fruit. [00:07:27] If you've only got a wifi only tablet or if you are looking at the sky echo or the counterparts, then have a look now, because if you can get your license done and issued before the end of September or. Before 4,000 units are claimed for after April. You will be able to still claim back the 250 pounds or 50%, whichever is the lower amount on that device. [00:08:02] Okay. So the CAA have actually extended that now. To the end of September for you to be able to purchase your electronic conspiracy device and also then claim from the. Okay. So that's good news for lots of student pilots I've seen on Facebook forums and stuff where people have felt really sort of, you know, hard done by and left out by the fact that, you know, they, it's not their fault. [00:08:29] They haven't been able to complete their PPL, which is completely true. And it looks like someone at CAA was listening. It's inverted the case that they, you know, perhaps it's that, or maybe it's a mixture of the fact that not as many devices have. Being sold as they probably anticipated initially. Okay. [00:08:46] So they've got budget for 4,000 more from the 1st of April. And that will last up until the end of September. Okay. And if you get the sky echo that comes with the built in GPS and then you only need a wifi tablets. You can save a few hundred pounds on that now when it comes to the data. Okay. So that's something else that came up by Sean asking about the data. [00:09:07] How does that work? So if you have an iPhone now, I don't know about you Samsung people or whatever. Devices you're using, but I imagine it's probably about the same works in about the same way. If you have an iPhone and you've got an iPad, you can use the data from your iPhone on your iPad without needing to get a data plan on the iPad. [00:09:27] Okay. Does that make sense? So you don't have to then go out there and actually pay an additional data plan on your iPad. Because you can just have a for your phone without any issues whatsoever, never had any problems doing it. I don't know why they still insist on their cellular thing. You know, I imagine it probably has a use case somewhere. [00:09:50] I don't know what it is. I've never seen it in my life, but there you are exists for a reason. So you can, you can tell you that data and yeah. And then you can use. With your wifi only iPad and your sky echo, and then that will give you that situational awareness. It also has the GPS. Okay. So that saves you from going out and getting a ultra expensive, you know, really expensive iPad that you potentially don't need. [00:10:16] Now. Also, another thing that came up was about the type of iPad, the size of memory and the size of screen. Now that's really down to your own preference. I mean, sky echo for flight. Use wait, you know, use too much. Memory. I think both of them are under five gigabytes. I think my installation for both of them are under five. [00:10:39] So yeah, I wouldn't worry about the memory too much. The size is really down to your preference personally. I don't like having this giant screen on, on my lap. When I fly or in the cockpit full stop because particularly generation aircraft, they're pretty small. What makes, so, you know, you've got to think about the sort of space that you have, but if you are in, you know, a fair, if you've got a fair amount of space and you can certainly get the bigger ones. [00:11:05] If you, if you like them. I personally, I have the iPad pro I got the smallest version of that. I'm not because I'm being cheap, but because I don't want a giant screen. If I wanted a giant screen, I'll just get an eye. Which I do have, but I use the iPad for when I'm out, when I don't want to be carrying around something massive. [00:11:22] So yeah. It's, it's really down to your personal choice on that. Both will work. You know, it's completely up to you now. Just to make it clear for you, people who are still now interested in the sky echo and the rebate just to sort of put the rules out there again, what it is. The CAA have announced that the applications will remain open until. [00:11:46] The 30th of September 20, 21 or until the funding is used. So the funding is going to be for 4,000 devices and that funding will start from the 1st of April. But basically you can continue to buy it now. I bought mine from transit transit dot comedy. I don't know. Let me just have a quick look, transit, transit.co.uk. [00:12:09] T R a N S a.co.uk. I bought mine from transit came very quickly. It's 499 pounds, which is the same price I've seen everywhere else. But you can get that rebate. You can, you can then apply for that rebate, obviously for your student pilots out there. It's still the case that need to have a license. [00:12:28] You need to have a private pilot's license or a commercial pilot's license or a national private pilot's license. Sell plane pilots, license, a balloon pilots license, or a light aircraft pilots licensed lap, or or you can be a member of the British guiding association or hang-gliding or paragliding association holding a current pilot or rating on the. [00:12:52] On, on those associations. So yeah, that, that's something that you can do. You can still get it. There's going to be time. So between the 12th of April and the 30 September, you've got that to be able to finish your private pilot's course. I know that if you, you know, it's no good to anyway to sky echo is no good to you whilst you are training anyway, because your instructors will be insisting on on the paper charts because that's what you have. [00:13:18] But after that, you can then look at getting the sky echo and you'll have plenty of time and check translator's website regularly, because I have seen a few times where stock has gone. I think they've sorted it out now where they've got lots more stock. But you may need to get your order in and basically. [00:13:40] Put it on a pre-order potentially, you know, if they have a skyrocket of, you know, people trying to buy them devices, and particularly as it's been extended now, and you may need to go on a wait list for one, you know, I don't know. Yeah. I'm sure they are sorted out. You've got Katherine Maloney over there, you know, who's, who's working with her dad and sort of, you know, making magic happen with the rest of the team as well. [00:14:04] And they're doing really well. If you're not following trends as well, follow them on Instagram. And yeah. So that's the news for today. I'm going to head off because I've got a lot of work to do. This is not an episode that I thought would be coming out, but I thought this is really good news for some of you. [00:14:21] And for those of you who are listening now wherever you're listening on, I mean, Use apple podcasts because I'm an apple everything person. But yeah, wherever you're listening on now, subscribe and come and follow me on Instagram or Facebook actually, I'm on there as well. You can find me by my username, which is AaronHenray that's @AaronHenray. [00:14:44] Or if you really feel like typing my really long and normal surname, Henray. Please feel free. Otherwise happy flying everyone. It's good news all round and yeah. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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