25 February 2021

Learning to become a private pilot? Your PPL flight training school is PROBABLY opening again after coronavirus lockdown

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With the recent announcement from Boris Johnson about the lockdown restrictions ending over the coming months, your flight training school are likely to be reopening very soon.

Check out the dates and timeline in this super short episode!

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Podcast Episode Transcript

BPP019 [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Hello and welcome to the podcast. I'm Aaron Henriques and I'm today, just going to speak about flying schools for those of you that are into flying that are reopening following the announcement from Boris Johnson in the UK about the COVID restrictions lifting. There'll be opening soon. [00:00:22] And so, because I was speaking to somebody. But earlier on this, this week about their flight school and seeing that they hadn't realized that their flight school is also reopening. So I thought I would share that with you just in case your flight schools, aren't really sort of hammering it home. Just so that you can get in those early bookings, particularly if you're doing your PPL training still. [00:00:48] So you can get in those early bookings book up with your instructor and yeah. Hopefully get flying. So following the announcement of Boris Johnson recently where he's sort of given a timeline for when the country is going to start doing some phased reopening it appears that the flight schools have taken the opinion that. [00:01:13] Well, certainly some flight schools all the ones that I sort of follow have taken the opinion that the 12th of April is going to be the appropriate time for them to recommence PPL flight training. Now, if you're one of those who are commercial students for most of you, you should have still been able to be doing your training now. [00:01:35] Some places haven't been allowing our building, some have it's down to the preference of the flight school or flying group. So for example, with my flight group, We've been paying our 65 pounds a month fee for diets, be members of that flight group, but we haven't been able to fly even myself where it would have been classed as, you know, commercial, our building. [00:01:59] We still haven't been able to, and I suspect that probably where they've sort of canceled the insurance for flight, where it's only for ground purpose. So where some schools haven't allowed. I'd imagine, I don't know for a fact, but I imagine it's probably around the case that the insurance that they've reduced insurance cover and perhaps cannot justify it just for one or two people who are in the group, which I can understand, because it is very expensive to insure an aircraft as some of you aircraft owners will know. [00:02:35] So for those of you, like you say 12th of April, get in contact with your flight schools because lots of them. All looking at reopening on the 12th of April the lights at the end of the tunnel, you can start booking in and it's going to be a fantastic time to start flying anyway. So for those of you who are still training, or in fact, even if you're not, it'd be good. [00:02:56] If you actually go out there and start looking at. You know, getting your skills back up, refreshing your memory. It's certainly what I'm going to be doing. I'm also going to be looking at some helicopter flying, coming up, which clearly just, you know, it'd be helicopter PPL. So again, I could, I can start that to the 12th of April. [00:03:14] So I'm going to get in contact with the helicopter school as well. And have a chat with them to see if that's something that I can start up again around April time, which is actually just a couple of days after my birthday. So I'm not going to get a big item for my birthday, but it's my best mates birthday on the 12th of April as well. [00:03:31] So hopefully we'll be able to go out and sort of celebrate sometime that week or at the weekend. Just a couple of pints in a beer garden. And that, that will be great. Cause last year we had absolutely nothing. Yeah. So anyway I'll leave it at that 12th of April guys and girls get in contact with schools. [00:03:49] Let me know if any schools are not reopening on the 12th or if they just, you know, perhaps they're not indicating either way yet. Just seeing how things are. Let me know. I'm always happy to hear from you. It's AaronHenray on Instagram. So go on Instagram and type in AaronHenray as @AaronHenray. [00:04:09] Give me a follow say hello. I'm always happy to chat to people and yeah. This one, this, this actually came from fly holiday. So actually go and follow, fly holiday as well. She's a. From up north and yeah, she wasn't aware that her school was reopening around the 12th of April. And there may be lots of you who are also not aware that that is actually happening. [00:04:33] So get, go follow for my holiday as well. She's got an interesting account. There's lots of art as well. If you're into art and yeah, until next time I'm going for now, I said it would be really short and it is.


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