12 February 2022

Finally! Helicopter PPL(H) ground school training booked with Ice Helicopters at Elstree aerodrome in London

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Aaron talks about…

» How and why I decided to choose Ice Helicopters for my PPL(H) helicopter ground school training

» What 9 exams you need to take to pass for your PPL(H) helicopter pilot license in the UK

» Why you won’t need to take all of the exams if you already have a UK issued PPL(A) pilot license for aeroplanes

» The expected costs of helicopter PPL(H) pilot training and more to follow!


Visit Ice Helicopters based at Elstree aerodrome in London: https://www.icehelicopters.com/


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Podcast Episode Transcript

BPP023 Booked helicopter ground school training IC-1 [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Hello everyone. And welcome to the British pilot podcast. I'm Aaron Henriques. And I'm just going to talk to you very quickly because I'm super excited about. Getting onto my helicopter ground school. After obviously some of you may know that I was doing the ATPs for airplanes, but I'm getting onto helicopter ground school for the private pilot's license. [00:00:25] And I just wanted to let you know a bit more about that, what I found out. And perhaps there might be some of you out there that might be able to give me a few tips, but just a quick update of where I'm at at the moment. So. A lot of the previous episodes have been around sort of ATPLhours and whether or not I'm going to continue them. [00:00:44] Obviously they stopped two years ago now you know, two years ago in March. So not quite two. When the SPLs that I was training on stopped just because of COVID, which has lingered around for a lot longer than everyone fought. But I took the decision. Now I was, you know, I tried to do a bit distance learning with BGS and have taken the decision that it's not going to continue for various reasons. [00:01:10] One of them being something that wasn't sort of filtered out to everyone that was in that position. There was a new deadline that was set by Ostrow control. And if you are going to complete the ATPs under the old syllabus, you had to have completed it by the 31st of January, this year 2022, that wasn't filled that wasn't. [00:01:34] Relate to anyone? Well, not, not certainly not to me and not to a couple of other people I know who are in similar positions to me. And I thought I had until sort of July to finish off, ended up not being the case. I didn't want to go into this new syllabus, lots of extra work that would have had to have been done for me and, you know, redo. [00:01:53] Different tests and stuff that I've already done. So I took the decision actually, do you know what, let me not do the ATPs because I'm currently focusing on business and investing again. I've got that bug back and really been going, you know, hitting that hard and really enjoy. But also, if I do have a spare 50,000 pounds laying around, I have no intention whatsoever of investing that in getting my commercial pilot's license and instrument rating to then not be able to get a job for several years. [00:02:25] Not that I want a job anyway. So that's where I'm at at the moment. Now I've had this poolees helicopter book for quite a while. What's it called? It's really good. It's called the poolees. You ask a PPL CPO helicopter manual that has principles of flight technical, H flight performance and planning, turbine engine questions and answers. [00:02:47] So I bought that from a transit pilot shop and it's really good book. It's it's not too thick, like most books you know, sort of aviation books then. That exciting, you know, there's not that many things you can really do unless you've got a real buzz for, you know, the more technical side of things or the engineering side of it, you know, they are just there, but it's really good cause it gets down to the points of what you need certainly for your exams, but also for what you actually need to know as a, have you got the pilot, as opposed to some books I've come across before where they're gigantic and. [00:03:22] You know, they just go into every single level of detail that you're never going to need to know. But anyway I've had that book for ages on the side and I've read, you know, bits of it over about six months. You know, I've got for about half the book. I couldn't tell you that I've retained much of it. [00:03:38] To be honest with you, it's been just a general flick through, have not been making any notes or anything like that. It was just to get general idea of. The subject and helicopters and how they're different to airplanes, which is what I know more about. And so what I noticed on Instagram very recently was ice helicopters. [00:03:58] So ice helicopters at L street aerodrome, they put out they've been promoting their five day. Now they're doing a five-day ground school. You know, they're helicopter training establishment, but they are doing it for helicopter PPLs. And also for fixed-wing PPLs, if you, if you want to do that. [00:04:19] And I thought, let me have a look at that. And I saw it once and I saw it twice and then I saw it again and I thought I woke up. Yes, literally yesterday morning at stupid o'clock and I was just laying in bed and I thinking. You already know, you really want to do your helicopter PPL this year. And you know that you're probably not going to read through that book and retain it correctly. [00:04:42] There is the opportunity for a ground school in person, ground school for PPL, which I actually don't haven't come across before. Perhaps it's more normal than I know, but I haven't personally seen it before. It's a long time since I did ground school for people. Back in twin 2009 I don't remember having a ground ground school element back then. [00:05:00] Maybe I did. Can't remember it though. And I thought, you know what, let me book it. So I literally clicked on their website and bought it immediately booked onto the ground school that starting at 28 for February. And I'm super excited about it. They've got dates right up until the end of August. So if you are actually looking for you know, somewhere where you can do helicopter pilot training yeah. [00:05:23] Helicopter, pilot training, but also the ground school element, particularly to help you get through those exams that. Absolutely. It sounds like the perfect place to go. Now I know some of the staff that ice helicopters, because one of them for example, is the principles of flight instructor. He was also my ATPs principles of flight, my ATPs principles of flight instructors. [00:05:49] And he's super knowledgeable that's you and go Sobell. I don't know if it said his surname, right. But if you know you and you know that he's super hot on that stuff and he just happens to work at ice helicopters. So I'm really excited about that. And they've got the dates up to August, but I'm on the 28th of February now because I've already got a PPL for airplanes. [00:06:12] Some of the exams I don't have to do. So there are nine exams for the private pilot's license. Okay. Now that includes ELO human performance. Meteorology comms got navigation, flight planning, puff aircraft, gen rule, and also operational procedures. The only four I have to take our flight planning, principles of flight aircraft, general, and operational procedures. [00:06:40] You used to have to take a fifth one up until very, very recently. If you were doing. Conversion to helicopters used to also have to take navigation. They no longer require you to take navigation. So it's only going to be flight planning, principles of flight, aircraft, general, and operational procedures. [00:06:59] Although I had a phone call from Jordan who is a female instructor very experienced. I believe that she's worked across. The industry in the United States and also in the UK, lots of experience as a ground school instructor as well. And she gave me a phone call yesterday. Soon after I booked sort of later in the morning and what she said was she, she obviously she went for lots of admin bits and all the bits you've got to do to registrations on the CAA portal, because apparently they can take up to 10 days. [00:07:31] So if you haven't got those registrations and you're booking a course very soon, Then you get, you may have an issue of being able to take the exams, but she talked me through the course, how it's all going to work. And she really discussed with me, obviously I don't need to do the other five exams, but I said to her, look, I've not done any private pilot's license study since 2010, 2009, 2010. [00:07:58] I've not done any since. It would really be a good refresher for me to bring me up to speed secretary things like our law. And also she mentioned that although navigation is no longer required for the exams, there are some differences. We've had it got to navigation, which will be useful for me to know. [00:08:14] So I'm going to be there for the whole five days. I'm going to go through all of the content, but I'm only going to take the Forex.  [00:08:21] And if you're anything like me, the full of doing the exams is always the worst bit. You'd rather just be up there flying. And I know for a fact that if I start the pilot training now, and I haven't done the exams, I'm going to be in the same position as someone I know really, really well. Who found themselves, they went ahead. [00:08:43] They flew, literally flew through the, the, the actual pilot training side of things for the conversion to helicopters. And then they had to stop because it hadn't done the exams. And then there was a bit of a delay trying to get all the ground school bits done and having to go and get instructors for one-to-one training and stuff to try and speed that up. [00:09:03] So I fought, you know what, let me not get in that position. Let me go and focus on the ground school now, and I'm trying to buy a house right now anyway. So I don't, I'm not going to be sinking money into flying training. So once I've got bought that next house again then I can start looking at doing the physical flying training, but that's the reason why I really want to get this done now. [00:09:24] So I've got it under my belt, the exams last for 18 months. Okay. So from the date of my last exam, I've got 18 months to then complete the rest of the helicopter PPL flying training. And I intend to do that by the end of this year. Definitely. Sorry. Super excited about it. [00:09:44] Okay. So yeah, I'm really excited about that. So I thought I'd just put that out there because I'm sure I'm going to do another one talking about, you know, my experience over ice helicopters and you know, that the good bits and the bad bits, and maybe there's not bad bits, but you know, bits that maybe didn't work so well for me. [00:10:02] But that, that, that would have done better in if it's done in other ways or whatever, you know, it may be really. Awesome. And hopefully I'll pass the exams. Should do, you know, I've only got four to take, so hopefully I should be able to pass them, but  [00:10:16] for now it would be good to know. I mean, from you, your perspective, do you have a PPL already, like for airplanes and maybe you're thinking about doing a helicopter license, you know, is that something you've thought about? [00:10:29] Or if you already got helicopter license, you've already been through the process. I'd like to hear from you. If you have been for it already, if you've done that conversion to. If there's any tips for me at all. I mean, there may not be anything, but if there are any sort of tips you have for me, I'd be, I'd like to hear them and you can get in contact with me on my Instagram is @AARONHENRAY [00:10:50] that's @AaronHenray. And yeah, get in touch if you've got any questions about it. Let me know. I mean, I can always put you in contact with ice. If you were looking at doing it yourself I, and, and have a look there's, I believe there's still a few places for the next one that I'm on and yeah, I'm super excited. [00:11:11] I just can't wait to actually get in the air again and start doing the helicopter license. Although I'm not looking forward to the bills, you know, every hour it's going to be about 600 quid or whatever. So that's going to rock up and I believe. Because I've got a private pilot's license airplanes. We get, I think it's a five-hour credit or maybe four. [00:11:31] But I think it needs to about 40 hours or is it six hours? I can't remember. I will find out. And then when I'm speaking to you next, I will put it up there what the actual credit is, but I think it's about 40 hours still that I'm going to have to do as a minimum. And it's a lot of money, so yeah, until next time, take care.


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