20 December 2021

FAA License Holders Deadline To Keep Flying In UK Airspace With A CAA UK Part-FCL Conversion

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The UK CAA is changing the rules for FAA private pilot license holders living in the United Kingdom.

Hear why you may now need a UK part-FCL license to continue to fly planes (including multi-engine) and helicopters in the United Kingdom.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

  [00:00:00] Aaron Henriques: Welcome to the British pilot podcast. My name is Aaron Henriques and if you're an FAA licensed, residing in the UK. You're going to want to hear this, but first of all, I'll just start off with, let's see, I have not spoken to you guys for a long time. Actually I had a look at my spreadsheet and I've not put anything out since March and that's not because there's not been plenty of aviation news. [00:00:26] There's been so much about, I've just been doing. A lot of other things, a lot of changes in my life and stuff like that, but I haven't been flying much at all myself. In fact, only once since March have I flown and that was at Sandown airport on yellow, white, and that was flying a complex aircraft to do my differences training. [00:00:46] And I did an hour in that, so I've still got a bit more to do, but I'm not here to talk about that. I will give a good catch up on everything else going forward. But today I'm just talking about something. I've only just heard about what I, like. I actually heard about this, I think over the weekend and it's just today. [00:01:08] I thought, ah, I better put it out there even though. If you are someone who's read the title and think that may affect you. I am really sorry because it's probably too late for you to do anything about it. However, let me just go into, what the UK CAA have done, I imagine the, this is just one of many other changes and I'm probably going to have a scour their website because they. [00:01:31] Expect that pilots in UK have this weird desire of reading through all the different rules and regulations that they keep putting out and changing. And we'll see, sometimes people get caught out where they just didn't hear about it. Unfortunately for you, if you are someone who is affected, like I say, unlikely, there's going to be any thing that this is going to be useful for, but it may be useful for other people in the future where they're thinking about. [00:01:57] Coming over here with an FAA license and flying on that license permanently, whereas some would be possible. So what's happened. Well the UK CAA are no longer permitting UK permanent residents. Okay. So sped up a bit in mind, UK, permanent residents to fly in UK space on an FAA license and that deadline for those who actually applied for the extent. [00:02:24] Is the 21st of December, 2021. So I imagine for many FAA license holders, this is probably old news. Because the old deadline was actually June, 2021, which is months ago. So the people who had the extended. Should know that as of the 21st of December, 2021, that it's a deadline for them to apply and convert to a lifetime UK part 1 FCL license. [00:02:52] Now, the rules that they put in place for this conversion are you must have a minimum of 100 hours on the relevant type. And that includes 17. Ours is pilot and command. If it's a multi engine aircraft, they need them to sit to PPL exams in our law and human performance and limitations. They also need them to hold a UK part med certificate at class two, at least. [00:03:22] So a class one they can have, but a minimum of class two and an English proficiency. Now with the English proficiency, you have to hold a level of 6. If it's going to be endorsed by the examiner, otherwise you're going to have to attend a flying school to get that tested correctly. We also need to do a skills test it that, and of course, because it's the CIA paying extortionate fee for your bit of paper that you'll get all of £196 pounds plus a £46 pounds verification. [00:03:53] So that's one way, the other way was to get eight, 12 month validation certificate that can only be renewed once and very similar rules. It was, you know, a minimum of a hundred hours and 70 hours pining commodity. If it's multi-engine the two PPL exams are just verbal, as opposed to written you need to hold an IKO class, two medical certificate instead of a UK. [00:04:18] Part med certificate and an English proficiency. Exactly the same level sex. If it's going to be examiner I'm endorsed, or they must attend a school, do a skills test and pay an extortion at £326 pounds, plus a £46 pounds. But verification fee for that. So, like I say, the deadline is the 21st for those who apply for an extension, if you didn't even apply for the extension of ordinary is definitely too late. [00:04:44] And by the time this is going out just the day before everything comes into force unless the UK CAA have, or intended to sort of add another extension in, it's unlikely that it's going to help you. I'm afraid. Sorry about that. So, What about non UK residents? So if you're not a UK, if you're a non UK resident, we have an FAA license, it doesn't affect you. [00:05:09] I believe it's rules that were similar to before, if not exactly the same. And that permits you up to 28 days per year, flying on on your FAA license, providing that you apply to the relevant authorities to do so. And you have the exact And you meet the exact requirements that the, that the UK CAA are now sort of demanding now what I'm going to do here for those people, because I wasn't actually going to discuss that at all, but if you are one of those people and it does affect you, I've actually put a link in the show notes today that you can click on and you can actually go and have a look for yourself and check with the CIA, how that does affect you, but for non UK residents. [00:05:54] Yeah. You should have a little effect on you. However, for UK residents, it's, I guess it's just, you know, UK CAA, they think that they we've got higher standard of license, perhaps. Maybe we do. Maybe we don't. I don't know. But they want to have FAA license holders that are residing in the UK to have a CAA you know, a UK part FCL license. [00:06:19] Should they want to fly in UK S. Which I think is fair enough. So yeah, that's the update. I, I do have more to come not on this topic. I'm afraid. I'm really sorry. It's so late, but hopefully, you know, at the very least, if there are people out there who are listening to this, flying on an FAA license and didn't know a thing about it, about any changes coming in. [00:06:46] That you know, you're not going to be flying illegally now. And I don't know what the rules are. If you haven't got the conversion in place by that deadline, it doesn't say there is nothing on the website that I can see that shows what happens next. Hopefully it's not going to be the case where they're just going to be like, You have to go through it yourself, what it's going to be. [00:07:07] Isn't it CAA is probably after dues, all sorts of other tasks. And there were people like dams and all sorts of stuff again. But yeah. So for the future, I do actually have something coming up to do with stroke control, which is going to be a separate podcast episode, probably going to do sometime this week. [00:07:24] That is going. Affect a number of people, a small number of people who are currently under their ATPL exams and it's a big change. So it, it, it, it really does deserve its own sort of mini podcast episode. So that's it for today. And as always for people who want to get in touch with people still do surprisingly, I still have several hundred new people listening every month. [00:07:49] I don't know where they're coming from. People still get in touch. So. If you want to get in touch with me, it's AaronHenray on Instagram. That's @AaronHenray on Instagram. Pop me a message. Let me know if this affects you. Let me know if it affected you and you were unaware of it before, or if you heard about it a bit late to get the extension, etc. [00:08:12] Yeah, that'd be great to hear. And perhaps it may be something we can get on the. And then get on a future episode to talk about how it may have affected you and actually what the requirements are going forward. Should you now wish to convert from an FAA license to a UK part FCL license? Okay. So I'm Aaron Henriques and that's me for today.


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