British Pilot Podcast With UK Private Pilot Aaron Henriques

Aaron Henriques from the British pilot podcast a UK fixed wing private pilot and helicopter pilot in training

Hear aviation adventures on the British Pilot Podcast with UK private pilot Aaron Henriques as he goes through challenges of commercial pilot training, private pilot flying and helicopter pilot training.

Aaron took his first ever powered flight in 2001 at Gloucester airport and later gained his private pilot license PPL(A) in 2010 at Biggin Hill Airport in south London. After many years as an air cadet, then a decade long career as a police officer in London, still with a keen interest in aviation, in 2019 he decided to sell his home to travel and pursue his dreams to become a commercial pilot, which was extinguished due to the glocal COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow the progress of Aaron and colleagues at a commercial pilot training school going through ATPL's, general aviation news, helicopter pilot training and more on the British Pilot Podcast.

The UK's top general aviation pilot podcast for fixed-wing and helicopter PPL & ATPL pilots

If you want an honest account of UK aviation and you're an aspiring private or commercial pilot, someone who already has a license or simply have a keen interest in general aviation, then you've come to the right place. Listen in as Aaron shares all and get in touch with any questions you have as it could be a future episode! Choose your platform to Subscribe Now!

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Listen to the latest from the Just Doing It Podcast with Aaron Henriques on our website. If you're unable to listen you can read the transcripts from every episode of the best UK podcast for entrepreneurship. Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast platform!

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