1 June 2020

Maximise Your Website Visitor Conversion Rate & Generate More Online Sales | Aaron Henriques

High levels of traffic to your website is fantastic. But if you’re a business selling online, and find that this traffic does not convert to sales, then this is the article for you. We’ve compiled a list of some tips you can use to help ensure your website visitors have a good experience on your website, which should hopefully improve your conversion rate!


Make the Buying/Conversion Process as Simple as Possible

Simplicity is key. If a consumer is interested in buying from your website, you need to ensure that this process is as simple as possible for them. If the route to your buying page takes too many clicks or is complicated, the visitor may get confused, give up and leave the website to search for an alternative. A simple website design means that visitors will not be distracted trying to navigate your website or find information.

Responsiveness is also crucial; if your website isn’t responsive to mobile devices, a visitor using a mobile device will find it difficult to use your website. You can use this tool to check whether your website is mobile-friendly.


Have an Obvious Call-to-Action

A call-to-action refers to the desired action from consumers, whether that’s a button or a link the web visitor needs to click. Try to place the call-to-action right in front of the consumer, so the process is obvious and simple for them to follow. I recommend testing different variations of your call-to-action, such as changing up your action word. Maybe “buy now” would work better than “choose product”, or maybe a red button works better than a blue button, for example.


Use Visual Aids

When someone lands on your site, you often only have seconds to engage them before they decide to leave. Especially with our busy lifestyles, many people often do not have the time to read full web pages or articles, and will often skim them. Adding appealing visual aids such as pictures, infographics and videos will help the reader to stay engaged and not be faced with chunks of boring, plain text.

These visual aids help to capture the attention of the reader. When attention is captured, consumers are more likely to consider your offer or read more from your website. The last thing you want is for your web traffic to quickly leave your website before you’ve had a chance to entice them, so make sure your content is engaging.

improve website conversion rate - create engaging content
Did this photo grab your attention?

Be Honest and Transparent

Many e-commerce websites hide the price of their product/service or ask you to contact them for a quote. This throws suspicion as to why- are they very expensive? Poor value for money? Obviously, in bespoke services, a fixed price cannot be given. But if the price is the same for all, it’s a good idea to include the price next to the product- the customer will appreciate the honesty and feel more confident in buying.

Also, it’s important to address any bad reviews in a polite manner and to offer a solution to the customer. Being honest and open with this customer will look so much better to other readers than if you were to simply ignore or delete it.


Provide Immediate and Convenient Customer Service

If you’ve targeted your audience correctly, your web visitors probably have similar questions about your business or services. An FAQ page is highly effective as it gives your website visitors the answers they may already be looking for, and even answers to ones they didn’t know they had! You’ve provided a quick, immediate answer to their queries, which will aid in the buying process.

If you want to take customer service one step further, placing a proactive live chat box on your website can proactively engage your web visitors in real time. Live chat software is immediate and convenient for customers, and it can be used to alleviate any concerns they have or answer any questions. Chat allows for a more personal, instant interaction between business and consumer, resulting in the consumer feeling more positive and confident about the brand and consequently more likely to go ahead with a purchase. In fact, an eMarketer survey found that 38% of consumers said they went through with the purchase because of the chat session!

Improve your website conversion rate by installing live chat software


How did you find these tips? If you have more ideas for improving a website’s conversion rate, do leave a comment below!

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