1 February 2021

How To Master Customer Service Emails | Aaron Henriques

Emails have been used for a long time in customer service. They’re an easy way to keep in touch with customers, build a relationship and handle complaints and queries. As they’re used so frequently, getting customer service emails right is a must. After all, customers are the most critical part of your business and so it’s important to make sure they’re happy. So, here are some tips to consider when providing customer service via email.


Make it personal

Consumers want to feel like they’re speaking with a human, not a robot or a faceless business. In fact, Genesys asked over 9000 consumers what they felt was most important when it came to doing business. 40% replied “better human service.”

The best way to make an email personal is by using names – both yours and theirs. This already makes the interaction a little more personal. Keep the email friendly, without being overly familiar, to ensure you maintain that “human” persona and not that of a robot.


Use appropriate language

While you do want to aim to be personal and build a relationship with your customers, you still need to keep things professional. Refrain from using slang or being too casual or familiar.

It’s also important to avoid using jargon. Some words in your industry may seem like everyday words to you, but they may not be to your customer. Keep things simple.


Keep it short

A customer wants the answer to their query as quickly as possible. They won’t want to open an email to find an entire essay inside. Make it painless for them by getting to the point and providing support as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s also a good idea to break up paragraphs into bite-sized chunks for a more pleasant reading experience.


Acknowledge the problem and accept responsibility

It’s good practice to summarise the situation for the customer to make sure you’ve understood everything and that you’re on the same page. This gives the customer the chance to correct anything you’ve misunderstood.

If a customer is emailing to complain, make sure your response acknowledges the problem so that they feel as though they’ve been listened to and understood. Ensure to be empathetic and state that you’ll do your best to rectify the problem, rather than being defensive.


Use links and resources to help the situation

The aim of customer support is to provide assistance in a way that’s as easy and painless for the customer as possible. With email, you can send links and attachments to the customer. This can be helpful if their query would better be solved with a how-to guide, screenshot or a step-by-step list.


Thank the customer

If a customer is emailing you, regardless of whether its a complaint or a general enquiry, they’ve obviously shown an interest in your company. As such, you should thank them. You could thank them for bringing an issue to your notice, for suggesting a great idea or simply for being a customer!

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