6 July 2020

How Proactive Live Chat Can Increase Conversions On Your eCommerce Store | Aaron Henriques

eCommerce has taken the world by a storm. It’s estimated that eCommerce sales will rake in $4.8 trillion in 2021 – a truly staggering figure. But while consumers are spending more and more every year on online shopping, competition between eCommerce stores remains high.

Businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using proactive live chat on their websites. It provides them with the ability to engage with their customers online, where they can not only give customer service, but also capture leads and increase their online conversions.

AberdeenGroup found that live chat was the preferred method of communication for online shoppers – this article will provide insights into why this is, and how eCommerce stores can use live chat to increase their sales.


Provide a convenient online experience

The astronomical rise of eCommerce over the past few years can be largely attributed to its convenience. It’s more convenient to shop online, as customers can shop while they’re at work, and have their items delivered straight to their front door in just a few clicks.

Convenience is also one of the key reasons as to why live chat can help to increase online conversions. When a customer has a query about a product, there is no need to trawl through a maze of options on the phone or open up a separate window to write an email – live chat is right there on the website. Not only this, customers are able to multitask while chatting, so they don’t have to invest all their attention into the conversation. This convenience hugely increases the chance of the customer engaging with the business and converting into a customer.


Provide immediate assistance in real-time

In line with convenience, live chat allows the business and customer to have an instant conversation in real-time. 44% of customers stated that having a conversation with a representative in real-time is one of the most important features a website can offer. It allows customers to have all their questions answered while they’re browsing, meaning they don’t have time to find a competitor while waiting for a response.

Over half of consumers admit to abandoning an online purchase when they don’t get their questions answered quickly enough. As such, conversions can be increased on your eCommerce store simply by providing immediate, real-time assistance.


Increase conversions on your eCommerce store with proactive live chat


Deliver a personalised shopping experience

One thing that most websites lack is the ability to approach customers and ask if they need help. In traditional stores, store assistants are able to approach customers and provide assistance; give them advice, recommend products to them and guide them through the purchase. Even if its just a simple query, a store assistant will always be there to help.

Proactive live chat software provides the online equivalent. This tool allows you to proactively pop up and initiate a chat with your website visitors, where you can endeavour to answer their questions and build a relationship with them – just like you would in a physical store.

These proactive pop ups can be configured to display messages targeted to specific types of website visitor. For example, you could configure a message like “Hey, would you like help choosing a package?” when a website visitor is browsing the pricing page. This message is much more specific than a generic “would you like some help?” Customers will feel as though they’re receiving a personalised service and be much more likely to respond to chat invitations – giving you the chance to answer any questions and convince them to buy.


Reduce cart abandonment rates

Trillions of pounds are left in online shopping carts every year. In fact, the online shopping cart abandonment rate is a whopping 68.5%! There are many reasons as to why this could be, but one common factor is uncertainty. If a customer is unsure about the product, they’re likely to abandon it in their cart.

As proactive live chat allows you to reach out and offer assistance to your website visitors, uncertainty will be reduced, and the chat agent has the opportunity to help the customer feel positive and confident in going ahead with a purchase. Many customers won’t bother to contact a business with their questions – proactive live chat allows the business to initiate the contact, instead.

Proactive live chat can be configured to trigger messages to customers who have been on the checkout page for a long time, or who are about to exit the website. This allows a representative to directly offer immediate assistance and reduce the likelihood of the customer abandoning their purchase.


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