5 June 2021

6 Essential Customer Service Skills That Every Employee Should Have | Aaron Henriques

People employed in customer service need a few skills in order to master the art of keeping customers happy. Customers are, after all, the backbone of a business and keeping them satisfied is imperative to business success. Therefore, there are a few skills that customer-facing employees should definitely have.



Frustrated customers can be difficult to handle at times. However, it’s vital to not get frustrated back, and to remain calm and collected at all times. Patiently listen to the query or complaint and resist the urge to interject. The customer needs to feel listened to and becoming impatient will likely only make them more frustrated.


Good communication

When answering customer queries and dealing with complaints, it’s important to ensure your answer is clear, free of ambiguity and easy to understand. It’s good practice to repeat what the customer said so that they can be assured you’ve fully understood, and they’re able to correct anything you’ve misheard.



It’s important to have the ability to pay close attention to the customer’s needs. A good customer service representative should be able to not only understand the facts but also understand any underlying emotions and context.


Product awareness

Having a solid understanding of the products and how they work is imperative in providing good customer service. Without knowing the products inside out, it’s much more difficult to provide assistance when a customer has a problem.



A positive attitude and positive use of language can go a long way in fostering happy customers. Negative phrases like “that product isn’t available right now” can be replaced with positive phrases such as “that product will be back in stock at the end of the week. I’ll reserve it for you now so that you’ll receive it as soon as possible.”



The ability to understand a customer’s feelings, acknowledge them and offer an empathetic response is crucial. Even if the customer’s needs can’t be met, showing that you care about how they feel and understand the inconvenience can go a long way. Unfortunately, the ability to empathise can get worse over time, as employees become accustomed to handling online complaints and talking with upset or angry customers.

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