Join our B2B affiliate program to Earn Up to 50% Affiliate commissions & recurring passive income every month

No product or service of your own to sell? Have an audience of business owners and people who want to start their own business? Great! You've come to the right place...

Becoming an affiliate is the best way to make high amounts of passive income from selling our SEO & Online Business Coaching services to your friends, family, existing audience on social media, email lists, podcasts, YouTube videos and other people you're connected with.

earn affiliate passive incomes selling online startup courses & business training for entrepreneurs

We have a range of online startup training courses and business B2B services that you can sell. Some of our products will earn you one-off affiliate commissions as high as 50% per sale. Earn recurring income each month over £200 per customer per month when you sign up on some subscription services.

Once you've got a regular flow of customers using your affiliate link to purchase our startup business training courses and B2B online services, you'll have a regular passive income without having to do any of the work in providing the products and services to the customers.

We've shown our most popular affiliate products below that you can sign up to for free right away and start earning today!

our top high paying affiliate products you can sell online to make money as part of our affiliate program


10% Commission

Recurring Monthly 

our best SEO affiliate program with Recurring affiliate earnings

Help business owners and bloggers get their website on page 1 of Google search. Earn 10% every month which works out to approximately up to £250 ($350) per referral per month depending on the SEO plan for every customer you sign up using your affiliate link. Most customers stay for more than 12 months, so you can see how quickly you could build up a sizeable passive income business of your own by selling Handlr SEO services, without doing any of the technical work yourself!

With this SEO affiliate program you can earn using your unique referral link or using a unique coupon code where a discount can be provided to anyone you sign up for their first month.

Top high paying affiliate program in the UK selling Handlr SEO services earn 20% recurring affiliate income


50% Commission

One-Time Payment

Startup Business Planning Masterclass affiliate program uk

The business planning masterclass earns you 50% commission on each and every sale. Students will learn a 10 step process, across over 21 lessons of how to plan their online startup business and the things that will save them wasting a lot of time and money, so that they can plan and create a successful online business. They'll discover how to identify their ideal clients, plan market and much more.

View the Business Planning Masterclass sales page here

Business planning startup entrepreneur masterclass video training course


50% Commission

One-Time Payment

Marketing e-book trio for entrepreneurs (E-Books) - b2b affiliate program

Affiliates can sell our 3 most popular ebooks for startups and online entrepreneurs and get 50% commission. The ebooks will cover lots of online marketing techniques, facebook ads conversion optimisation and using live chat to generate customers and leads. These are 3 high value easy reads for online entrepreneurs.

See the business book trio sales page here

online busness sales and marketing ebook trio


50% Commission

One-Time Payment

Using Live Chat To Generate More Leads & Increase Online Sales (e-book) - affiliate commissions

Earn 50% one time commission with this live chat ebook affiliate program.

See the sales page here

How to generate more sales using live chat on a business website training ebook pdf


50% Commission

One-Time Payment

How To Increase Conversions With Facebook Ads (e-book) - high affiliate commission

Earn 50% commission for every affiliate sale of this ebook that will help your audience increase conversions on facebook ads. 

See the sales page here

How to increase facebook ads conversions for online business ebook training


50% Commission

One-Time Payment

9 Simple marketing ideas for startups (e-book) - make passive income

Earn 50% affiliate commission in this ebook designed for new online entrepreneurs to give them ideas on how to market their own online business. 

See the sales page here

9 online marketing ideas for UK startup business pdf training

make money & promote your own bonus to customers who sign up with your affiliate link

Sometimes it's helpful to offer a free bonus to your audience when you refer them to purchase other products and services. That is why our affiliate system will allow you to include a downloadable bonus or link to another website once an affiliate purchase is completed.

This will allow you to make your offer more appealing to your audience and give them a reason to use your link to purchase our products and services. 

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

Just choose a product above that you'd like to offer to your audience and sell. Follow the on screen instructions to sign up. Once you've signed up you can request to become an affiliate for any of our products and services that are offered to our affiliate users.


Will it cost me money to be an affiliate?

Being an affiliate with us is free. It is free to sign up and get your affiliate links, so that you can start promoting it to your audience.


How are affiliate earnings paid out?

All affiliate earnings are paid out to you via PayPal once they qualify for payout.


How often will i get my affiliate payments?

Each product may have its own payout schedule. This is because some products come with a money back guarantee and also there may be delays in us receiving payment from customers due to our payment processors.

Once a payment is approved for payout we aim to make payment during the first week of each month.


can i track my affiliate earnings?

You will be able to track all affiliate earnings on your affiliate dashboard which you can access at any time.


how do you decide which affiliate gets the commission?

Our cookies work on the last cookie wins basis. Whoever the last affiliate is to refer the customer will win and providing the customers browser allows and they do not clear their cookie history, the cookie will last indefinitely. 


How can I promote affiliate products?

There are a number of ways you can promote our affiliate products. Some methods include:

1) Social media posts to friends, family and business network on LinkedIn for example.
2) YouTube videos promoting the products and encouraging viewers to click on your URL to purchase.
3) Online blogs and social media groups.
4) Email marketing to your opt-in audience.
5) Direct sales speaking and selling to customers directly.
6) A prerequisite purchase to get a special bonus from you. This feature will allow you to offer a bonus download or take them to another page after completing purchase.

How long does it take to get paid when someone buys a product using my affiliate link?

Most products are between 1-14 days before they are cleared for payment. Some products which have a money back guarantee will not be payable until the end of that money back guarantee has passed.


What happens if a customer I refer gets a refund or makes a charge back?

This is very rare, however if a customer is refunded as part of our money back guarantee, or any other reason, or a chargeback is initiated by the customer, we will either deduct the commission we paid to you from your next payout balance. If there are no payouts due we will request that you return the affiliate commission in line with our terms and conditions.