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Aaron Henriques is a British Entrepreneur, M&A Investor, Private Pilot, Magistrate & Podcast Host

About Aaron Henriques

Welcome! As an M&A investor, I have a diverse portfolio that includes investments in a number of industries from finance companies to agricultural tech, in addition to owning 3 successful longstanding cleaning franchises in the UK (which, let's be real, are just a cover for my true passion: industrial strength bleach).

With over 10 years of experience as a police officer (where I learned how to catch bad guys and also how to make a mean cup of tea), and 9 years of experience as a business owner, I bring a unique set of skills to the table.

I am always on the lookout for established companies with the potential to grow and succeed, with a particular focus on businesses that can benefit from the addition of SEO and digital marketing strategies, and that may have potential to enter B2B and B2G markets (get in touch if you have one like that you want to sell!). 

In my free time, you can find me serving as a magistrate in the adult criminal courts (dispensing justice and probably some dad jokes) and flying as a private pilot (because my interests are as varied as they are exciting).

I am known for my attention to detail and ability to thrive in fast-paced environments, and I pride myself on being able to keep things simple and make quick decisions, which has helped me succeed in a variety of endeavors.

As the host of the Opportunity Awaits podcast, I share my experiences and insights with a wider audience, helping others to seize opportunities and achieve success (or at least have a good laugh).

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Aaron Henriques British investor, entrepreneur, business owner and private pilot. Online business strategy coach. Opportunity Awaits podcast host on British Airways business class flight.

Podcasts With Aaron Henriques

Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques podcast available on apple, spotify, youtube online and mobile podcast players. Get confidence you need to be successful in business, investing and in life.

Opportunity Awaits with aaron henriques podcast

Gain the confidence to seize opportunities & take risks in business, investing & in life. 

Listen & subscribe to the Opportunity Awaits with Aaron Henriques podcast as he talks openly about having the confidence to identify and seize opportunities in business, investing and Life!

Discover the strategies used to overcome obstacles and strategies to keep motivated when times are hard.

The Opportunity Awaits podcast is there for any entrepreneur, investor or someone looking for more from life and has been held back from taking the risks required to take hold of the abundance of opportunities in this world.

Learn from a real award winning British entrepreneur as he tackles and shares his own online business successes (and failures) so you can learn how to plan, start and scale your own successful online business.

British Pilot Podcast by private pilot Aaron Henriques who holds a PPL(A) for aeroplanes and will be conducting pilot training on helicopters. General aviation news.

THe British Pilot podcast

Listen & subscribe to the British Pilot Podcast. Follow Aaron's ATPL journey, learn about commercial pilot training and being a private pilot of aeroplanes in the UK.

The British Pilot Podcast offers a real insight into commercial pilot ATPL training in the UK. Listen to the ups and downs of the training which was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're interested in helicopters and general aviation in the UK then listen in and subscribe for when Aaron starts helicopter pilot training.

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Aaron Henriques In The Press & Radio

You can read more about the press Aaron has had since leaving a career behind as a police officer in London's Metropolitan police back in 2017. Aaron has been featured in a number of UK local & national articles and interviewed on national radio mostly relating to his business entrepreneurial activities.

Aaron Henriques British Entrepreneur in the UK local and National Press UK USA radio tv online PR
Aaron Henriques has been in the UK press on radio, local news and national news papers for his business and UK entrepreneurship