Aaron Henriques

British Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, online Business Coach & UK private Pilot

About Aaron Henriques

Aaron Henriques is a former British police officer in London, an entrepreneur, business & aviation podcast host, private pilot license holder and an online business coach. He is known as Aaron Henray on social media channels.

Aaron has been doing business online since around 1999 when he was still at school. He started his first "real" online business as a domestic cleaning franchisee, having managed over 2000 clients & 300 staff across North London, Cardiff & Newport. Aaron was awarded as franchisee of the year 2017/18 for his now widely adopted innovations in the franchise in how they operate online. He has also successfully coached multiple business owners from startup phase to running a profitable business and been awarded as a top 5 business strategist in 2018 by Experian & Enterprise Nation. He was then invited to 10 Downing Street, the home of the UK prime minister to advise on the government small business strategy.

Today Aaron still owns his franchise business, and has created multiple new companies, including Dustr.co which a commercial cleaning company, Handlr SEO a digital marketing company and Henray Capital which connects companies seeking finance for property development and asset purchase such as aircraft and boats.

Away from business has a private pilots license and enjoys flying aeroplanes. I have a night flying rating and have recently started learning to fly helicopters too! I really enjoy outdoor activities, travel and criminal law.

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Aaron Henriques, British Entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host and private pilot taking a selfie on a beach in Australia at sunset
Aaron Henriques in London Metropolitan Police Officer UK
Aaron Henriques, British Entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host and private pilot stood infront of 10 Downing Street in London, UK


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